Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Bed Debacle

I never realized that it would be this difficult to find a bed. 

My husband, God love him, is really into providing input for this bed. It cracks me up. I grew up with a Dad that would walk in a room and not notice that my Mom completely rearranged its entire contents. My father-in-law is the same way. But Brandon? While he doesn't care too much about certain aspects of the house, he does truly care about this bed. And frankly? I can't blame him. 

His signature statement the past few weeks has been, "This new master bedroom will be our sanctuary." 

We currently sleep in what is technically the guest bedroom in our little apartment; a move we made because the supposed master bedroom had only one interior wall, leaving us with dreadful noises of birds, people, {loud} cars starting in the morning and just general "outside" noise. So to say this room is anything but a sanctuary would be spot on. It's near the back of the house, backing up to the side of our neighbor's house. So we're hoping it'll be dark and quiet...just the way we like to sleep. 

Our current bed has a footboard, which Brandon hates, because he's tall enough to just hit it in the middle of the night. Our bed squeaks on his side, meaning I hear him get up {every. single. time} in the middle of the night to use the bathroom. And he has a bad back {at 26, I know} and needs a better mattress. 

So! We're on the hunt for all of those things. 

At first, I was really into this type of bed, because it felt really "master-y" to me. But the more that I saw upholstered headboards/beds on Pinterest {complete with my love, nailhead trim}, I knew that that's what I really wanted. 

Keep in mind that our master bedroom will be painted a dark gray {kind of like this}, and I'm pining after this bedding. I wanted the bed to bring a bit of lightness to the room and not have a wood color, which I think would make it feel very dark. Keep in mind that I'm planning for white sheets, a chunky cable knit throw on the end of the bed and possibly even a lighter-colored chaise lounge {the same linen color as the headboards} in the corner. 

So without further adieu, here are the beds/headboards we're considering. Can you guess which one is my favorite and which one is Brandon's?

Happy Wednesday! I guess we can say that this is my "WILW." :)

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  1. oooh I LOVE all of those! I am on the hunt for a similar headboard myself!! I wanted something in a linen or canvassy {word? haha!} material with maybe the nailhead trim if I can find something in my budget. blah. the dreaded B word ;)


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