Thursday, August 9, 2012

My $392 Cat

Oliver likes ponytail holders. As in, likes to eat them, apparently. 

Allow me to tell you about my morning and how we came to learn of his new favorite treat. 

{Side note: If you're squeamish, you probably shouldn't read this.}

As I was finishing straightening my hair this morning, I heard Oliver making throw-up noises. I ran into our guest room and saw vomit. Everywhere. Nine different spots, to be exact. 

So, I did what every normal girl would do and called Brandon, who advised me to call the vet. So I did. I explained the situation to him, and they advised I bring him in at 10 a.m. So I did. 

The vet said she felt something in his abdomen and asked if I'd consent to an X-ray. I did. 

An X-ray, blood work, three shots and $392 later...we found out that Oliver likes to eat ponytail holders. Goody brand are his fave, natch. 

Needless to say, I'm working from home right now to keep an eye on my awful cat...and waiting for the ponytail holders to reappear. {Sick, I know.} 

What a day! And it's not even noon! 

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  1. Oh NO, that's so terrible! Glad he's okay. :) I had a dog growing up who ate jewelry and razors, totally normal.


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