Thursday, July 19, 2012

Thursday Things

Whew, what a busy day! I looked up around 3 p.m. and realized I hadn't even eaten lunch yet, which is so unlike me. Things have just been crazy lately and I am kind of feeling like I'm drowning just a bit. I honestly get home from work and feel like I could just pass out for hours. Needless to say, the weekend is one day away. I think I can, I think I can. 

But's my random Thursday post. 

We have officially caught up with Downton Abbey. We are both absolutely obsessed with this show and I cannot wait until 2013 when Season 3 comes out! The costumes, hair and setting are just amazing, and the drama is to die for. 

It was nominated for 16 Emmy's today. Please Netflix this show if you can!

My meal planning has got to pot this week. Typically, I'm so good about planning it out on Saturday morning, making our little meal calendar and going to the grocery on Saturday afternoon. But this week? We ate out last night {Cowboy Chicken}, which is definitely not like us during the week; and tonight, I'm having Brandon stop by the store for steaks to grill tonight. 

I know I shouldn't be eating out when we just bought a house, but the last thing that sounds good to me right now is standing in the kitchen cooking. What does sound good to me right now? Sipping a glass of wine on my couch. 

This is basically my new favorite saying: 

So let me tell you what I did yesterday. As I mentioned, I took my mom to see our house. Also as I mentioned, our new house is in a gated community, which I adore. However, I do not adore when they change the key code to get in when I don't have a gate opener yet. 

So I went all Mr. Duvall from Mean Girls {"Oh hell naw! I did not leave the South Side for this!"} and decided to scale the fence. In white pants. I'm not quite sure what I thought I would do once I got on the other side, but anyway, I jumped the fence. When it didn't open for me on the other side, I decided to go to the nearest house with its garage door open and knock on the door. An Indian guy answered with a bluetooth in his ear. 

Me {sweating profusely in work clothes}: "Um, hi. I just bought a house over there [pointing] and I can't get in the front gate." 

Him {confused look on his face}: " did you get in here?" 

Me: "Oh! I jumped the fence." 

Him: "Uh, okay? Hold on a sec and I'll get you my gate opener." {Comes back with keys and gate opener attached.} 


So I ran around the corner, opened the gate to my mom who was dying laughing and said, "Girl! You have been living with me for too long!" {That is so something she would have done!} 

Let's just say I was determined that she see that house!!!

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  1. This is the best post ever. Just saying. I'm glad you finally made it into the gate!


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