Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A Wednesday Story

Unless you were living under a rock yesterday, you heard about the officer-involved shooting and large riot last night around ghetto downtown Dallas/Fair Park. 

When I get home every day, after feeding Oliver, I turn the TV on for some background noise when I'm cooking. I like to tell myself that Oliver has been in the quiet house all day and needs some noise, too. {Ha!} 

Anyway, NBC 5 was streaming live coverage of the crowds gathering in the area and I was constantly rolling my eyes at the crowd's stupidity and lack of things to do at 5 p.m. on a Tuesday. 

My husband {the avid Cops watcher/think he was a police officer in his past life} comes in the door and says, "Dude! This is what I was listening to on the police scanner app on my iPhone!" 

Let's pause for a moment to reiterate that my husband has a police scanner app on his iPhone. 

I continued cooking and he, instead of his typical routine of getting changed from his work clothes into shorts and a T-shirt, stands with his arms crossed in front of the TV for a good five minutes, watching the coverage intently. 

I kept thinking to myself, "Is it bad that I don't care about this?" 

Finally, Brandon goes into the bedroom to change and comes out with his phone volume turned up loudly with that darn police scanner app and then proceeds to turn up the TV volume equally as loud. I felt a headache coming on. 

I finished supper, brought it to the coffee table {because we're trashy like that} and he proceeded to watch the live coverage, but grabbed his earbuds {thank the Lord} and ate his supper with one earbud in listening to that police scanner and one out listening to the live coverage. My headache ensued. He wasn't listening to anything I said, wasn't talking to me about our days like usual, and wasn't giving me any feedback on the meal I had just cooked. 

He cleaned up in the kitchen {with one earbud in...not even joking} and then went into the bedroom to watch MORE live coverage on the TV in there. I, on the other hand? Grabbed a bottle of wine and began drinking and catching up on all of my DVR'd Housewives

I would get occasional updates shouted at me from the bedroom, "Hey! Babe! The officer shot the guy in the back!"; "Hey! Dallas PD is sending people there with helmets and shields to deter the crowds!"; "Hey! The Dallas Police Chief is on TV giving a live update!" 

All the while, I'm sitting there thinking: 

Finally, the nth update later, I pulled a Chandler and just said:

I love, love, LOVE my husband, but there's only so many police scanner updates a girl can take! 

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