Monday, July 30, 2012

Weekend. Well, sorta.

I've been kind of a slacker on the blog lately, and for that, I apologize! 

Our client event that we'd been working all month on finally came to a close, so I actually left the office for lunch (shocker!) and met Brandon for a burger at Pappy's

I decided to work from home in the afternoon, which was really nice. Even though I was swamped, it was nice to be swamped in yoga pants and an {old} sorority T-shirt! 

I was able to get some laundry done, the bathrooms cleaned and the apartment just generally picked up. And look who decided to help me out with some laundry: 

He's lucky I didn't close him in there and start the dryer!!! 

We spent the evening watching the Olympics. 

This is how I feel about Ryan Lochte:

And yes, I'm married. 

I absolutely loved the Opening Ceremony, and I thought the Queen was a good sport. Totally made me want to move back to London for six weeks on my parents' dime again, though! 

{Baylor in Great Britain ("BGB") was the best experience of my life.}

We slept in, then I went to the grocery store, CVS and a few smaller errands. 

Then, I decided that I would do the ginger detox bath that I saw on Pinterest. I definitely did not think that it would work as well as it claimed, but ohmygosh I was sweating so much and my skin was the color of a tomato when I got out. You should definitely try it!!! 

Later in the afternoon, Brandon went with me to NorthPark to buy a gift for his little brother's birthday. While we were there, J.Crew and Loft just happened to have sales, so we stopped in. :) {I totally know that I should not be spending money right now, but how can you turn down 50% off full price items in the store!?} 

Brandon bought a cute shirt from J. Crew, and I got this skirt, this dress, this shirt and this top from Loft. Then, we went to Target because I had to get a bathing suit for his office's "Family Day at the Lake" this weekend. Can I please tell you that they will make you try on bathing suits in a Target dressing room in hell? It was the worst experience EVER, and I felt like my fat was just staring at me in the mirror. Ugh!!! 

We came home, watched more Olympics and I was inspired to paint my nails in a silver glitter. It's fun to be a little ghetto. ;)

We went over to my in-law's for lunch and swimming. My mother-in-law made yummy chicken, grilled veggies and cantaloupe, with mini cheesecakes for dessert. 

We swam, relaxed by the pool and just visited, which was really nice. 

Brandon played golf afterward {in 105 degree heat!}, so I came home, cooked a yummy supper and got cozy on the couch watching the Olympics. 

Happy Monday! Here's to a quick week! 

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A Wednesday Story

Unless you were living under a rock yesterday, you heard about the officer-involved shooting and large riot last night around ghetto downtown Dallas/Fair Park. 

When I get home every day, after feeding Oliver, I turn the TV on for some background noise when I'm cooking. I like to tell myself that Oliver has been in the quiet house all day and needs some noise, too. {Ha!} 

Anyway, NBC 5 was streaming live coverage of the crowds gathering in the area and I was constantly rolling my eyes at the crowd's stupidity and lack of things to do at 5 p.m. on a Tuesday. 

My husband {the avid Cops watcher/think he was a police officer in his past life} comes in the door and says, "Dude! This is what I was listening to on the police scanner app on my iPhone!" 

Let's pause for a moment to reiterate that my husband has a police scanner app on his iPhone. 

I continued cooking and he, instead of his typical routine of getting changed from his work clothes into shorts and a T-shirt, stands with his arms crossed in front of the TV for a good five minutes, watching the coverage intently. 

I kept thinking to myself, "Is it bad that I don't care about this?" 

Finally, Brandon goes into the bedroom to change and comes out with his phone volume turned up loudly with that darn police scanner app and then proceeds to turn up the TV volume equally as loud. I felt a headache coming on. 

I finished supper, brought it to the coffee table {because we're trashy like that} and he proceeded to watch the live coverage, but grabbed his earbuds {thank the Lord} and ate his supper with one earbud in listening to that police scanner and one out listening to the live coverage. My headache ensued. He wasn't listening to anything I said, wasn't talking to me about our days like usual, and wasn't giving me any feedback on the meal I had just cooked. 

He cleaned up in the kitchen {with one earbud in...not even joking} and then went into the bedroom to watch MORE live coverage on the TV in there. I, on the other hand? Grabbed a bottle of wine and began drinking and catching up on all of my DVR'd Housewives

I would get occasional updates shouted at me from the bedroom, "Hey! Babe! The officer shot the guy in the back!"; "Hey! Dallas PD is sending people there with helmets and shields to deter the crowds!"; "Hey! The Dallas Police Chief is on TV giving a live update!" 

All the while, I'm sitting there thinking: 

Finally, the nth update later, I pulled a Chandler and just said:

I love, love, LOVE my husband, but there's only so many police scanner updates a girl can take! 

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Hey, It's Okay Tuesday

Bringing back the "Hey, It's Okay Tuesday" series, courtesy of Stephanie

Hey, It's Okay... be excited about the Olympics because that means more of Ryan Lochte...
{Oh, and go Team USA!} not go to work-sponsored drinks and dinner on Monday night and then be super excited that I'm the only one not exceptionally hungover today... research for hours on end the best ways to clean wood floors and granite counter tops...
{Yes, I am excited about this house!} 

...that my heart literally melted this morning when I saw Oliver cuddling with Brandon to "wake him up"... actually look forward to eating a bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios each morning... allow my husband to manage our finances...
{I don't deal well with money. Well, except spending it!} wonder why many of my favorite blogs have turned into sponsor post blogs...
{Ahem, Blue Eyed Bride...} "pin" nursery ideas and have no plans to even think about babies yet... meal plan a week in advance...
{Why yes, my week of July 30 meal plan is already made.}

...on that note, to organize my grocery list in the order of the store...
{OCD, much?} swoon when my husband kisses me and says, "You're so beautiful" on the days I look like absolute poo and feel like I weigh 500 pounds...

...that I don't know how to calculate percentages...
{Why do you think I got my degree in Journalism...?}

...and to dream about fall when it's 100 degrees outside. 

Happy Tuesday, y'all! 

Monday, July 23, 2012

How Pinteresting! Weekend Wrap-up

We had such a restful weekend, in between using lots of Pinterest tips and tricks to get our almost-ready-to-move selves in some sort of order. 

I was dead tired by the time Friday rolled around. I came home, put on stretchy pants and an over-sized T-shirt and got cozy on the couch. Brandon brought home Chick-Fil-A and wine {I love that man!} and we just relaxed all evening. I fell asleep watching Dateline around 9:30 p.m. {I'm telling you, we're such party animals!!!} and Brandon told me to go crawl in bed. I happily obliged. 

We got on this cleaning rampage and felt the need to just purge before the big move. My office gave me lots of extra boxes, so I'm hoping we'll be relatively set when it's time to start packing. 

I got rid of a ton of random things in drawers and cabinets, Brandon sorted and tied together an entire drawer full of cords and cables, and I even mustered enough courage to toss my very first Dell laptop computer {circa 2005} that I'd been holding on to for who-knows-why. 

I spent the rest of the morning cleaning while Brandon went to the gym. I ran to the grocery store, then came home and did laundry and more cleaning out. 

We lazed around for the rest of the afternoon, watched W./E. and I made a yummy dinner. 

Brandon let me sleep in really late {yay!} and we just laid around all morning. I caught up on some TV shows, picked up a little and went to Bed, Bath & Beyond for some charcoal filters for the coffee pot and some wine vacuum stoppers

I then followed this guide and cleaned out our coffee maker. If you haven't done this, I suggest you do. Ours was getting sluggish and making one less cup than it was supposed to and generally just being slow. After using this guide, it's working like new again! It's amazing how disgusting your coffee maker can get. Ew! 

I stuck a yummy meal in the oven that afternoon {it had to cook for 2.5 hours!} and we just relaxed. After supper, Brandon felt the urge to purge {ha, just realized that rhymed...oops!} and we spent an hour or so cleaning out his closet and drawers. We got rid of FOUR trash bags full of stuff!!! 

Oliver came in the room and started playing with Brandon's "purge" ties. He looks like he is saying, "Dad, where did you get all these hideous ties?!" 

We finished the evening watching The Bachelorette {Jef-with-one-F, really?!} and called it a night. 

Happy Monday!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Thursday Things

Whew, what a busy day! I looked up around 3 p.m. and realized I hadn't even eaten lunch yet, which is so unlike me. Things have just been crazy lately and I am kind of feeling like I'm drowning just a bit. I honestly get home from work and feel like I could just pass out for hours. Needless to say, the weekend is one day away. I think I can, I think I can. 

But's my random Thursday post. 

We have officially caught up with Downton Abbey. We are both absolutely obsessed with this show and I cannot wait until 2013 when Season 3 comes out! The costumes, hair and setting are just amazing, and the drama is to die for. 

It was nominated for 16 Emmy's today. Please Netflix this show if you can!

My meal planning has got to pot this week. Typically, I'm so good about planning it out on Saturday morning, making our little meal calendar and going to the grocery on Saturday afternoon. But this week? We ate out last night {Cowboy Chicken}, which is definitely not like us during the week; and tonight, I'm having Brandon stop by the store for steaks to grill tonight. 

I know I shouldn't be eating out when we just bought a house, but the last thing that sounds good to me right now is standing in the kitchen cooking. What does sound good to me right now? Sipping a glass of wine on my couch. 

This is basically my new favorite saying: 

So let me tell you what I did yesterday. As I mentioned, I took my mom to see our house. Also as I mentioned, our new house is in a gated community, which I adore. However, I do not adore when they change the key code to get in when I don't have a gate opener yet. 

So I went all Mr. Duvall from Mean Girls {"Oh hell naw! I did not leave the South Side for this!"} and decided to scale the fence. In white pants. I'm not quite sure what I thought I would do once I got on the other side, but anyway, I jumped the fence. When it didn't open for me on the other side, I decided to go to the nearest house with its garage door open and knock on the door. An Indian guy answered with a bluetooth in his ear. 

Me {sweating profusely in work clothes}: "Um, hi. I just bought a house over there [pointing] and I can't get in the front gate." 

Him {confused look on his face}: " did you get in here?" 

Me: "Oh! I jumped the fence." 

Him: "Uh, okay? Hold on a sec and I'll get you my gate opener." {Comes back with keys and gate opener attached.} 


So I ran around the corner, opened the gate to my mom who was dying laughing and said, "Girl! You have been living with me for too long!" {That is so something she would have done!} 

Let's just say I was determined that she see that house!!!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


I know, I know. I've been MIA this week. 

Between craziness at work and buying this house, I am stretched thin. 

Brandon and I are nailing down homeowner's insurance {finally getting a policy in my actual city!}, home warranties {who knew there were so many?}, and cable/electricity/water/gas/security companies {again, who knew there were so many?}

House Hunters makes buying a house soooo easy. "Oh, I'll have that one!" 

Anyway, we're out of our option period and are waiting for our loan to be processed. So, basically, the house is ours! We just have to close. :) 

50 days exactly until those keys are ours! 

My mom is in town today, so I'm meeting her in a bit to tour the house. I absolutely adore our realtor who just said, "Sure! I checked with the seller's realtor. Here's the gate code {the house is in a gated community} and lock-box code. Have fun!" Can't wait for my mama to see our new house!

Sunday, July 15, 2012


Happy Sunday! 

As I type this, the remnants of a large rain shower are slowly dissipating. We've had supper, Oliver's wandering around the house doing his typical evening "Meow?" routine, and HGTV is on...per usual these days. 

We had one of those weekends that we're going to miss in a month and a half: sleeping late, enjoying time together {no house projects!} and eating good food. We needed it. 

I had put this meal in the slow cooker before I left for work, and was met with the nice reminder that I had when I got home. We ate, lounged on the couch and went to bed early. We're such party animals. {Sarcasm}

We played "tourist" in our own city. We'd both been wanting to drive across "the bridge to nowhere," AKA: the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge. So we did. 

And while we were on that side of town, we had brunch at Smoke -- now one of my favorite restaurants in Dallas. This Texas-chic restaurant was rated "Best Breakfast in Dallas" by Southern Living...and anything rated "best" by Southern Living? You know it's going to be good. 

We highly recommend their Bloody Mary's...

..."The Hungry Bear" {Brandon}, Smoked Salmon & Collard Greens Eggs Florentine {me} and cheese grits {shared}. 

This place makes their own honey and bourbon and uses fresh, locally-grown ingredients. A win-win in my book.

We drove through downtown on our way back home. No matter how many times I look at the Dallas skyline, I am in awe that I live here. I work less than a mile from Reunion Tower and we've had many an anniversary dinner here...but this small-town girl is still amazed. 

After brunch, I went on a walk with Jessica, then went to the grocery store. Brandon was so sweet and took my car to get the oil changed, state inspection done...and then washed it and filled it up with gas. I love, love, LOVE him. 

I made supper and we relaxed on the couch with a glass of wine watching Season 2 of Downton Abbey...AKA: our obsession. 

I saw this on Pinterest and had to true!

Today we went to look for furniture, which is so difficult since we can't buy anything until we close. We then got our rings cleaned and ran a few errands.

And because I think he's cute, look at this little munchkin getting cozy on the coffee table. Who thinks that's comfortable?

I'm finishing up laundry and getting ready for the week. Can't believe the weekend is over already!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Since all I can think about these days is our house, I'm giving you a "What I'm Loving Wednesday" with my inspiration for decor, etc. 


I have always wanted a red front door. 

Frame the builder's-grade mirror in the master + hall baths

Restoration Hardware bedding that I'm lusting (and am talking Brandon into) for the master

Table + chair and decorating for entry

Baskets for towels for small hall bath 

Wine rack as towel holder in master bath 

Pantry organization! I'm on the hunt for these glass canisters. 

We've decided on gray/eggshell stripes for the master bath. I am so excited! 

Farmhouse table and white, nailhead-trim chairs for dining room. 

{Just gotta find it cheaper!}

This is for Brandon: TV above the fireplace. 

And the grays! Our master bedroom will be gray, and as I mentioned above, our master bath will be striped gray. {Everything else in the house will be a rich taupe.} 

When asking my co-worker and friend, "Ugh! How many shades of gray are there?" She replied, "Ummm, 50?" 

Took me a while to get that one...

I'm taking a half day today for the home inspection. I'm so excited to see "our" house again. :)

Sunday, July 8, 2012


Our weekend was so low-key, which is exactly what we needed after this crazy stressful week. 

Brandon came home with this little bouquet of "We Bought a House!" flowers. We celebrated with dinner and a drink...and by the way, it still hasn't totally sunk in that we're buying a house. It's that feeling of, "Okay, I know we're doing this, but it's so new that I have no idea how it's going to feel." 

Brandon played golf, so I lingered in bed with Oliver. He didn't want to get out of bed, so I happily obliged staying in and sipping my coffee with him. :)

I spent the morning cleaning our house {which I always do when Brandon's gone...makes both of our lives so much easier, ha!}, going to PetsMart and making a trip to the grocery store. 

We took a nice little nap, I cooked an early supper, and then it started to rain, so we got cozy with a glass of wine, candles and the DVR. Then, I got a massage. Ahhh. 

By the way: my company has this incentive in which they reimburse us up to $60 each month for yoga classes, hair appointments, museum admission, etc., so I use mine for a spa membership. Totally worth it and I'm so thankful that my company does that!

There was a little "incident" right outside our bedroom window around 4:45 a.m. We heard two loud bangs and I immediately shot up in bed, shook Brandon {who'd already heard it} and said, "Brandon! There's someone out there!" He ninja-ed himself out of the bed, handgun in hand, and slowly opened the door to the big living room area. He went around the whole house, into our bathrooms, laundry room, etc. and didn't see a thing. {Of course, at this time, my heart is beating so loud that I think it's about to pop out of my chest...} Just as we'd determined that it couldn't be too much and that we'd call the security company that patrols our apartment, we heard the noise again. We called security immediately and they said they'd gotten numerous calls about it and they were on their way. of course I couldn't go back to sleep for-ev-er, and when I finally did, it was around 7 a.m. So, so scary. 

We called this morning and it was apparently drunk idiots setting off pipe bombs in our freshly-emptied dumpsters; one is literally 15 feet from our bedroom window. Ugh! So ready to move! 

We lazed around this morning, then made cheeseburgers {my Dad's recipe}, sweet potato fries and baked beans for lunch. 

We got dressed and went to Best Buy to take a look at some appliances {of course, we can't buy anything until we close...} and then went to Home Depot to pick out some paint colors for the house. 

We think we've decided on the fourth one from the left {the taupe-y one} for the house, and the third one from the left {the gray} for our bedroom. 

We spent the afternoon lounging around, watching marathons on TV, and just relaxing. 

I took this picture of Oliver laying on my lap because he looks so bored and it just cracked me up! 

Please ignore the big spots on my nose and lip that I've tried to cover up. You can still tell that my nose is swollen...ugh!

We're getting ready for our home inspection on Wednesday, so keep your fingers crossed for us! 

Happy Sunday. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Menu Friday

Happy Friday! 

Our news has definitely made this a fabulous day, and a great start to our weekend. We can't wait to move into our new house! 

Here's what we had to eat this week, which, by the way, has felt like the longest short week ever. I feel like Tuesday was so long ago...and I feel like I've had two Mondays and two Fridays in one week. Totally has thrown me off! Note to self: take off the day before and after July 4 next year! 

Moving on...

Southern Living's Baked Linguine with Meat Sauce + asparagus

This was really good and made a ton. We'll definitely be eating on this this weekend.

Modifications: I used venison, since we have a ton, as opposed to ground beef. And, I forgot to take a picture because we'd just returned from being out of town and frankly? I was so tired. 


We loved this...husband, especially. It was the perfect amount of spicy. 

Modifications: I didn't use the coriander and instead used ground cumin and added a bit of chile power to the mix. I also added some chopped cilantro to the mix {and topped the fajitas with cilantro} because we love cilantro. And, I broiled the corn tortillas on high for two minutes on each side to give the fajitas a tiny bit of crunch. 

We spent July 4 at my in-law's, where I had my nice little accident

{I still look like I got beat up, btw. Tacky.}


This was so easy {hello, husband grilled!} and let me tell you, I don't think I'll ever bake a pizza again! Grilled was so yummy. 

Modifications: I used a store-bought, wheat, thin crust {as opposed to the dough}. Also, I purchased pre-made pesto and mixed it with store-bought tomato sauce and used that as our sauce. I used a fresh tomato from a sweet lady in my office {so much better, let me tell you!} and added some Parmesan {"Farmer John" in my family} cheese and mozzarella cheese to the pizza. 

We're grilling out hamburgers tonight and just laying low and celebrating our new casa! 

Happy Friday, y'all!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Great News!

We have some great news! 

As of 8:30 p.m., we're under contract on this precious little house!

We're absolutely over the moon and cannot wait to close. 

Say a prayer and keep your fingers crossed that the inspection goes well. 


So...July 4

We had so much fun at my in-law's yesterday! 

My mother-in-law grilled hamburgers, had baked beans, corn on the cob, and a yummy apple crisp for dessert {with Blue Bell vanilla ice cream, of course!}. 

We visited, laid out by the pool, swam, listened to music and just relaxed. 

And all was hunky dory...until I decided that I would challenge my brother-in-law, Todd, to a diving board jumping competition. 

We did pencil jumps, cannon balls, toe-touches...and the dreaded dive. 

I'm not used to their pool {which has a Pebble Tec bottom, by the way}, and I dove way out, as opposed to way down. 

...and I slammed my face into the bottom of their Pebble Tec-bottomed pool. 

I'm so, so lucky that I didn't break my nose, or worse, my neck. 

But let me tell you, I look like I got punched in the face

My nose has this giant scrape on it that continually bleeds, my lips are insanely swollen, and I have a giant cut above my top lip that makes it hard to chew, swallow, put lip gloss on...and generally just talk. 

I tried to cover it with make-up today, but I think I just made it worse. I look like a drag queen. 

Needless to say, my face is swollen and I have NO CLUE how women get collagen injections in their lips. Ouch! 

I'm not putting a picture on here because it's so embarrassing. 

So, a warning to everyone: Look before you leap dive! 

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Let Freedom Ring

Happy 236th Birthday, America! 

I am so, so thankful to live in the land of the free and the home of the brave. 

We're celebrating today with hamburgers, hot dogs, drinks and swimming at my in-law's. {Brandon started the day with an 8 a.m. tee time...ick!} 

O thus it be ever, when free men shall stand
Between their loved home and the war's desolation 
Blessed with victory and peace, may the Heav'n rescued land
Praise the Power that hath made and preserved us a nation!
Then conquer we must, when our cause it is just,
And this be our motto, "In God Is Our Trust"
And the star-spangled banner in triumph shall wave
O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave!

Monday, July 2, 2012

A Day Off

A list post, because I have the day off and because I can. Kind of a 'steam of consciousness.' 


I haven't slept well for the past few nights. But last night? I was out. Brandon got dressed for work this morning about .5 inches away from the bed and when I woke up drooling at 8:30 a.m., I didn't even know he left. I needed that sleep. 


I was able to unpack, do laundry, unload the dishwasher, pick up the house, go to the grocery store, pick up my mother-in-law's birthday gift and catch up on all of my DVR'd shows. Yesssss. 


We're going to look at another house tonight. The first one fell through because the sellers decided they'd make more money leasing the house than selling it. Because, according to our realtor, they are "cash poor." According to me, they are shaaaaaaaady. So, we took that as the Lord saying this house was not for us. But, we've now been approved for a certain amount and if we want to put an offer on a house tomorrow, we could. Love having buyer's status! 

Of course the day my realtor wants to go look at houses, I took a shower, but didn't put make-up on or blow-dry my hair. I look like a wet rat, but whatever. 


I've been immersed in the adoption story of this couple that went to Baylor. So, so sweet. 


I love my mom's tweet this morning: "Why is it that Christians complain about too many praise songs in church or standing for too long? Aren't we going to be singing for eternity?" 

It's been on my heart all day. I get so annoyed at people that complain about drums in church, or too many hymns {or too less hymns} during worship. Amen to that, mama! 


I'm so ready for Trader Joe's to open in my neck of the woods! Hurry, Trader Joe's, before I move to the 'burbs! 


I'm going to try to beautify myself and get supper on the table before our 7 p.m. realtor appointment. Fingers crossed for us, por favor!
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