Tuesday, June 19, 2012

What I Don't Understand...

Because it's Tuesday, you're getting a list. Oh, yes. A list of things I will never understand. 

I will never understand...

Why my hair will do fantastic on insignificant days. And on important days, look like poo.


Why my father-in-law still {after 4 /2 years with his son} spells my name "Brittney."


Why my husband likes to watch soccer. And in Spanish, to boot. 


Why I can never spell "inconvenience" right on the first try. I always spell it, "inconvienence." 


Why people put 50-in. TVs, a Shake Weight and Keurig K-Cups on their bridal registries. 


Why people don't understand the, "Please don't reply all" request on some e-mails, and the "Please reply all" request on others. 


Why my nails grow like weeds, but my hair grows as slow as an oak tree. {Do oak trees grow slowly?}


Why I cannot add, subtract, multiply or divide in my head. There's a reason I was a journalism major! 


Why I can't end this post. Adios, y'all!

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