Sunday, June 10, 2012


I had such a fun time this weekend spending time with my family. I hadn't seen them in so long! It was wonderful seeing everyone and just being home. 

We celebrated my "big little brother," Royden, all weekend, as it was his 18th birthday and high school graduation. I absolutely cannot believe he's this old already! He's starting Baylor in the fall and we couldn't be more proud of him. 

We both took off work and slept in! It was amazing. We spent all morning getting things together {I swear, getting ready to leave for vacation is so stressful!}, I cleaned, and we had a quick lunch before heading southbound on I-45. 

And what drive to Livingston is complete without a stop for a large Diet Coke from Buc-Ee's?!

We spent the evening helping my mom get ready for Royden's graduation party, had dinner with my extended family at my Grammy and Grumpy's house and just visited all evening. 

It started pouring, so we went over to my Nana and Pah's {where we stay when we go to Livingston} and visited with them for awhile over a glass of wine. 

Royden's graduation and birthday! A big day! :)

Graduation didn't start until 10 a.m., but there was a "no seat saving" policy, so we showed up at 7:45 a.m. {so. early.} to get good seats when the doors opened at 8 a.m. 

Well, my Dad's on the school board {and was there early} so he was able to grab some front-row seats for our family. Guess there's a perk to having your Dad on the school board! ;) 

Anyway, we {obviously} had a lot of time to kill, so we started taking pictures...playing on iPads...reading books and magazines...and just visiting with family. 

Hubs and me

My sweet, funny, lookalike brother, Parker, and me

My sister, Maggie, and cousins Annie and Jake 

Nana, Pah and Parker 

The graduation finally started and was really a smooth, quick, sweet ceremony. 

Royden gave a welcome speech as Student Body President, and when it was time to receive his diploma, my Dad was able to present it to him {another school board perk!}, which just made me cry!!! How sweet is this picture?! 

Another thing that made me cry was when a sweet little girl with special needs' name was called to come to the stage, the entire class of 2012 stood up, clapped and cheered for her. My mom, Grammy and I were bawling. I thought that was such a sweet thing for that class to do; bless that sweet little girl's heart. 

After the ceremony, Royden was honored at a special lunch that my parents hosted at a little restaurant in town. It was so neat because the entire restaurant was closed for the party, so it was very nice and intimate. My mom had it decorated just beautifully {and of course I didn't get any pictures!} and had a sweet slideshow made of pictures of Royden. He got some great gifts, too! :) 

After the lunch, we went back to my grandparents' to take a nice little nap, which was wonderful! 

After the entire family slept a bit, we went out to my parents' place on the lake and swam, rode jet skis and just relaxed. 

How pretty is this?! Brandon took this picture standing on their dock. 

And of course, the "Grace" that I am, I completely did this to myself. Isn't it lovely? 

I had a nice accident with the new rope swing and now look like my husband beat the mess out of me! ;) 

This is my left thigh; my right one looks similar, just not as big. Classy, no?

We went to church with my parents, then had lunch at a little restaurant in town with my grandparents and aunt. 

On our way out of town, my Dad loaded us up with enough deer meat, deer sausage and ribs to last a lifetime! Case in point 1: 

Exhibit B: 

Seriously, if y'all ever need some venison, you know where to find me! 

We got home, unpacked, and I went to the grocery store. 

Sweet Oliver is so happy that we are home {thankfully, my mother-in-law fed him and played with him on Saturday}, that he is refusing to leave my side. Love him! 

Hope y'all have a wonderful week! 


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