Thursday, June 21, 2012

Thursday Things

So yesterday? Yeah, it just wasn't my day. You ever have those? 

The City of Dallas was inspecting our apartments, so we had to take Oliver to the vet to "hang out" for the day. 

{Side note: We love our vet, so if you need one in this area, check them out!} 

Anyway, so I left work early to pick him up before they closed. On our drive home, he managed to somehow get himself out of his carrier and proceeded to wander around the car. I kept saying, "Oliver! Get. in. your. carrier!!!" but of course, cats aren't dogs and don't listen. 

Then, he finally calmed down and cuddled up in my lap...or so I thought. 

A few seconds later, I felt it. Yep, he was pooping on me mid-drive on the freeway. I flipped out. 

It was honestly the most disgusting, hilarious, grossest thing that has ever happened to me in my life. I told my Dad that it needed to be on an episode of Modern Family. My mom said he was getting revenge for taking him to the vet. I said it was nasty. 

Once I got that fiasco cleaned up, I started cooking supper when I got an e-mail saying that some major client stuff happened and we had to get on the ball ASAP. I think I said, "damnit" about 10 times. Or perhaps 11. Either way, I was not happy and was not nice. 

I immediately texted Brandon. Sweet boy brought home Piggie Pies and wine. I love that man. 

I worked for a few hours {thanks, vino, for getting me through it!} and we finally curled up to watch Dallas

Then, I decided to call my grandparents {per usual}, but this time, I wanted to teach them to FaceTime. It was so fun! I just love them and really enjoy (and appreciate) them learning all the new technology. 

After the fun FaceTime session, we were able to give my parents their 20th anniversary gift from us kids. I haven't been able to post it {since my mom reads my blog, obviously!}, but we took a picture with our favorite photographers when we were home for Royden's graduation. 

We took it at my family's old sawmill by the last of the remaining Ogletree Forest Products wood. It's such a special place; I just love how the picture turned out! 

This is a video of my mom and dad opening the picture last night...they couldn't get their FaceTime to work; ha! 

They really liked it and I think they were pretty surprised! 

A few things about this video:

1. They were at my other grandparents' house and my aunt is taking the video. Hence the other voices you hear.

2. I love that my Dad whips out his pocket knife to open the box. He always has that pocket knife...even on Christmas morning in his pajama pants. Hey, it comes in handy!

3. I love the East Texas accents. I feel like I lose a bit of my accent up here, but the second I go home, it just reappears. Their accents make me happy. 

4. I love my Dad's humor: "Who are those people?" Ha!

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