Sunday, June 24, 2012

Our Weekend

Happy Sunday! We had such a relaxing weekend, which was exactly what we needed. 

We were both so exhausted from the week, so we came home and I made a version of this for supper. We relaxed with wine and watched Water for Elephants, and when that was over, Oliver and I fell asleep on the couch to Dateline

{Such party animals we are...} 

Since we fell asleep so early, we woke up around 8:30 a.m. We sipped coffee on the couch together, and then I cleaned the entire apartment, top to bottom: cleaned bathrooms, did laundry, Shark-ed the floors... {This will be a big week for my client, so I tried to get as much done as I could this weekend.} 

Later in the afternoon, Brandon went to play golf with his dad and brother, so I went to run some errands: Bath & Body Works to take advantage of their semi-annual sale {hello, $6 wallflowers!}; CVS {using coupons, I got my $30 price tag down to $15 and some change}; and then Tom Thumb

I absolutely love my buggy in the summertime! Look at all of those colorful fresh fruits, veggies and fish! 
I actually got home and realized that the only things I purchased not from the produce section were: part-skim ricotta cheese, french vinaigrette salad dressing, orzo and whole-wheat linguine. Love that! 

Later that evening, we had dinner at my brother- and sister-in-law's house with my in-law's. My mother-in-law's best friend, Joyce, comes in once a year, so we always have a nice dinner with her. She and my mother-in-law have been best friends since first grade; cute. I made this salad, which is always easy and yummy. {I just use goat cheese as opposed to Gorgonzola.}

We slept in late today. Shhh. It was so nice to just sip coffee in bed while looking at some house listings our realtor sent over. In fact, we didn't even get out of bed until 11 a.m. Ahhh.

Once we got up, I made this yummy pasta salad for lunch. It was honestly very easy, but I'm glad I made it on the weekend because it did take a long time and a lot of bowls and counter space! We enjoyed it with freshly sliced watermelon. This meal just screams 'summer' to me! 


And here's what we had to eat this week, since I forgot to post on Friday. 

Brandon grilled some ribs and deer sausage that my dad gave us the last time we were in Livingston. It was so yummy! He did all the cooking {which was honestly a huge treat} and served the ribs and sausage with baked beans, caramelized onions and sourdough bread. Oh, and of course, wine. :)

Salmon {adapted from this recipe} + fresh green beans 

The link to the recipe wasn't working {and I couldn't remember exact measurements}, so I just cooked the salmon for 20 minutes, then melted some butter and added dill, then drizzled it over the salmon. So good and insanely easy. 


This was actually our very favorite meal of the week! It was very tasty and filling. It actually made a bit more filling than I had tortillas, so I took it to work and crunched some tortilla chips over the top for an instant lunch. 

Modifications: I used corn tortillas as opposed to flour, and I added black beans and more cilantro than the recipe calls for {because we love us some cilantro!}, and then when finished, added some sour cream to the top. 

Hope you have a happy week! 

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  1. what a relaxing weekend! I'm definitely going to check out some of those recipes!!


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