Thursday, June 14, 2012


Kelle Hampton has recently asked people to use the hashtag, "#enjoyingthesmallthings" on Instagram when posting photos of "small things" you're enjoying lately. 

While I {always} forget to include than darn hashtag, I wanted to share with you a few small things I'm enjoying:

Morning coffee in my favorite mug 
{thanks, Mom!}

A random thunderstorm-turned-hail storm and the crazy clouds it brought with it

Sitting for five minutes and actually enjoying breakfast during the week 
{thanks for the muffins, Nana!}

This sweet little guy and his constant "Hello?" meow he does when he can't find us

...and a few small things I'm enjoying {sans Instagram photos} to accompany: 

A new haircut {$21, natch!}


A husband that liked the smell of my hair so much when I got home from the salon that he requested I go back and purchase "whatever she used on it." 


Iced white chocolate mocha's {with whipped cream, thankyouverymuch} to get you through the afternoonn


Our "staycation" this weekend -- massage, here I come! 


Knowing that we're completely finished with our summer "obligations"...and it's only mid-June! 


A sweet girlfriend who brings you home a bottle of Seattle wine from her recent trip because she's knows you're a wino you love wine


My new blog layout {can I say that?}


Texting with this lady about her botched "Oompa Loompa" spray tan {seriously, send me a pic!}


Love in the Wild. Enough said.


This product. Fine/thin hair-havers, unite! 


Happy Almost Friday! 

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  1. ha! I'll send a picture now! and you are the third person I've talked to {or read a blog post} about the Aveda Hair Potion. I'm getting it now!!


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