Monday, May 21, 2012


Happy Monday! (Is there such a thing?) 

We had a great {but randomly busy} weekend. Hope yours was fabulous!

Brandon and I went to our little area's country club for a glass of wine, then had dinner at Kona

Side note: We looked down and realized we were wearing green and gold. Sic 'Em! :)

After dinner, we used our gift card to AMC NorthPark to see "The Hunger Games." 

Y'all. We walked out of the movie. It was terrible. 

Sci-Fi-ish movies just aren't our thing. And two hours and 22 minutes is far too long for a movie about killing people. No, thank you. 

But, on a positive note, the movie theater now has a bar, so I got a little drink {including a glo-stick} with my movie. "Oh you fancy, huh?" 

I went on a walk with Jess, then Brandon and I grabbed Chick-Fil-A and went to look at some houses (!!!). We've finally settled on an area, so we did some drive by's and creeped on some houses during the afternoon. Can't wait to get out of our apartment! 

After the house/area-hunting, we came home and I went to the grocery store, then stopped by TJ Maxx and HomeGoods because I "needed" a little update in my bathroom {yes, we have a two bedroom, two bathroom apartment and use separate bathrooms}. 

Instead of the old silver-plate tray I had there, I found this cute white cake stand at TJ Maxx for $12.99 and the glass canisters at HomeGoods for $7.99 each. I got home and realized that it needed some height behind it, so I stacked my jewelry bowl and picture frame on two Tiffany's boxes. {So glad I kept those things!} 

Later that evening, Brandon grilled steaks and I made mashed potatoes, broccolini and my favorite rolls for supper. We watched "The Vow" (y' good!) and then crashed early. 

We picked up Jessica and Austin for church, and then went to Sunday School. After Sunday School, our class had lunch at Rusty Taco {our fave}! 

While at Sunday School, a guy from our class offered the class two free tickets to the Byron Nelson. Of course, Brandon ran over and grabbed those tickets up!  

We quickly came home and got dressed, then headed over to Las Colinas for the final day of the tournament. 

The golf course is so gorgeous, and I got to see Phil Mickelson up-close and personal as he walked from the 17th green to the 18th tee box. So cool! 

Brandon also went rogue and took this picture of Ernie Els teeing off. {Sneaky, sneaky.} 

It was super hot out there and I'm pretty sure my feet are going to fall off because of the blisters, but it was so fun seeing Brandon's reaction to the tournament. He absolutely loves golf, and I love seeing him so happy and excited! 

After the tournament, we picked up dinner and went home to clean up. After our showers, we both got cozy on the couch and didn't move for a couple of hours. Finally, Brandon said -- at 8:45 p.m. -- that he was ready for bed. My sore feet happily obliged. 

And, on a random note, have any of you heard of Statigram? It's a place where, for you bloggers like me, you can go right-click and save your Instagram pictures that you want to blog without having to e-mail each one to yourself. Such a time saver! {You can also look at your pictures and others' on here, too, without having to grab your phone. Ahem, like when you're at work and want to appear busy...} 

Have a great day, y'all! 


  1. i'm happy to see this golf tournament experience turned out a little bit better than the last one, gypsy.

  2. Hahaha! Anything beats the -30 degree weather, no phones and numb feet, gypsy. :)