Sunday, May 6, 2012


One thing I love about the weekends {aside from nixing make-up for two days...} is spending one-on-one, uninterrupted time with Brandon. 

During the week, one-on-one time is traded in for almost a roommate, "Hi," "Bye," "Good morning," "Good night," "Would you like seconds?" relationship. But oh, the weekends. That almost roommate-lile relationship is shoved away for two days -- days that are filled with sleeping late, eating yummy food, having just one more glass of wine and deeper conversations that have absolutely nothing to do with work. 

And shove away this weekend, we did. A four-mile walk, sleeping in and not getting out of bed until we absolutely had to, getting our wedding rings cleaned, checking boxes off of that 'honey-do' list, lunch at Central Market...

...laughing at just how Dallas Dallas can be sometimes...

...watching the Kentucky Derby, talking about our dreams and how excited we are to move into our first home, sipping on homemade skinny Pina Coladas, wrapping Mother's Day gifts, playing/spectating a church league soccer game, cuddling with Oliver and grilling out. 

So, happy weekend. I'm going to soak up the last hours of mine. 

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