Thursday, May 24, 2012

On Writing. And summer.

I feel like I've been noticeably absent from the blog. Not because I have been busy, but because I feel like I honestly have nothing "good" to say to you. And, I'm wondering: are any of you out there? Are you reading? 


When this time of the year rolls around, I always crave those slower days of summer that I grew up with. Those days full of sleeping late, eating chicken salad sandwiches and Popsicles  at the pool, being barefoot outside, taking spontaneous trips somewhere just because, staying up late watching movies and abundant family time. 

Memorial Day has always been the unofficial, official start to summer to me. And the sad thing is? In the past five years, as Brandon and I both have been starting our careers, learning how to be married and saving up money for the house... 

...I'll admit that "summer" has become just another season. 

Sure, traffic's lighter, I don't have to stop for buses on my drive to work, the work dress code is a bit more causal, the "summer slump" takes effect and we grill out more often than not. 

But this year? Oh, this year. I want to savor summer. I want to get away from my routine and be a little spontaneous. 

I was reading Kelle Hampton's blog the other day about lists. Just little, miniature bucket lists of things to do for pure enjoyment this summer. Not my typical list that looks something like this:

1. Pick up dry cleaning
2. Stop by CVS for hairspray and Q-Tips
3. Grocery store
4. Return Netflix get the picture. 

And while I haven't made a list for the week, I did deviate from our routine {a lot} in the past four days, and for that, the summer gods thank me. And me them. 

We stayed up late last night watching "The Pianist." {And I didn't fall asleep!} 

I indulged in that ice cream I didn't need at work. 

And I let this little guy snore away on me for hours last night, just because. 


So summer, I want to make a list with you. I want us to shake hands, make a pact and ensure I do these things. Because for a girl with a routine, deviating from it {even for a sweet summer} is gonna be hard. So, here we go: 

1. Stop saying "no" to happy hour with my work girlfriends. Just go. 
2. Take a miniature vacation. Even if it's just one night at the W, take the time to sneak away. 
3. Pay for someone's meal/drink/coffee who are in the line behind me. 
4. Go golfing with my husband. 
5. Try a new local restaurant every weekend. 
6. Rock a one-piece bathing suit. 
7. Stop saying "no" to pool time. Just go. {And bring drinks.} 
8. Make it routine to get a snow cone with Brandon one night a week. 
9. Buy fresh flowers at the grocery store and keep 'em at home to liven the place up. 
10. Wake up early one day and watch the sun rise with a cup of coffee. 
11. Stop making summer "just another season." Enjoy it: grill out, buy Popsicles, make homemade sangria and homemade pasta salad and be spontaneous. 


Happy summer-ing. 


  1. I'm here :) and I live your list! I need to make one for me and my chickies

  2. I'm out here too! I'm sure you've already tried it, but I had Sonny Bryan's Smokehouse for dinner Saturday night when I was in Dallas. If you haven't had it, it could be a local restaurant to try. They had some pretty good barbecue and the seating inside consists of old school desks. Also, if you haven't been to the arboretum since the Chihuly installations went in at the beginning of May, they are phenomenal and very worth going to see!