Wednesday, April 11, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Happy Wednesday!

I'm currently loving Kelle Hampton's book, Bloom. I {finally} got it in the mail at work on Monday and literally raced home to read it. I was bawling by page 65 and can't wait to get home again today to put my glasses on, snuggle with a blanket and Oliver and continue reading.

If you've never heard of Kelle or read her blog, a good place to start is here. You will be moved, I promise. Grab a tissue.

I'm also loving the Clarisonic Mia my parents got me for my birthday. {Mine is white.}

Right now, it's in the process of bringing all the "icky" stuff to the surface, so I currently look like a prepubescent teenager and feel like I'd be back in the 7th grade if I only had braces and was about 15 pounds thinner. {Have you ever used Proactiv? It's kind of working like that right now. Minus bleaching your sister's new lime green towels and causing an argument between you and your mother. Ahem.}

Anyway, while I currently look like the 12-year old version of myself, my skin really is so soft and I can tell this baby is workin'!

I wash my face at night, blot, use the Clarisonic and then moisturize.

Note: I do not like/use the Oxford comma and I basically write for a living. Moving on.

And lastly, I'm loving sweet friends who bring you wine as birthday presents at work! My teammate knows about my 40-day wine "fast," per se, and sweet girl brought me a bottle this morning as a late birthday gift and said, "Hope you like Reisling, because this was the nicest bottle they had!" Love it and love her.

Hope you're all having a fabulous week!


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