Sunday, April 29, 2012


If I could sum up our weekend in one word, it would be "relaxing." We enjoyed laying low at home, not doing too much and on the other hand, getting a lot of things done. 

Jessica texted me to ask if we wanted to join them for margaritas at Cyclone Anaya's in Uptown. Of course, it took me all of .56 seconds to text back, "YES!" And 45 minutes later, we were in our chairs enjoying a nice happy hour that was very happy. 

These margaritas and mini appetizers were so great! We had so much fun, so much food and great fellowship. 

We love our friends...

...and dance parties in the car on the way home. :)

We slept in and I cleaned all morning while Brandon played golf. I ran to the grocery store; to Bed, Bath & Beyond for my mother-in-law's Mother's Day gift; and to PetsMart to pick up more food for Oliver. 

I came home, folded a ton of laundry, and then got cozy on the couch to catch up on my DVR'd shows. 

We went to the Church of the Holy Bed today. Brandon wasn't feeling fabulous and I, for some reason, could not drag myself out of bed. We turned the alarms off and slept in really late today, which we obviously needed. 

When we finally got up, I made coffee and cheesy scrambled eggs, and we just lazed around on the couch. I did my nails, picked up around the house, wrapped Mother's Day gifts, and got supper in the Crock Pot. 

Brandon still wasn't feeling great, so I ran to get Raising Cane's, per his request. So bad, yet so good. 

Brandon started to feel better, so he went to play golf with his Dad and brother. {Are you noticing a trend? The second it gets above 50 degrees outside, my husband is on the golf course.}

So, Oliver and I took naps on the couch and watched far too many episodes of House Hunters.  

We're currently waiting for Brandon to get home and I'm texting with the wonderful Stephanie. She's catching me up on some gossip. ;)

Happy Sunday, y'all! 


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  1. Sounds like a perfect weekend! In my book, gossiping while lounging is the perfect lazy day activity :) enjoyed it girl!!


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