Sunday, April 22, 2012


Happy Sunday! 

It's been absolutely gorgeous in Dallas this weekend, and I'm hoping to get outside for a bit this afternoon. So I'll make this quick. :)

Lots of craziness in client land. If you know me personally enough to know who my client is {and have been watching the news} you know what I'm talking about. Let's just say my office's "Beer Fairy" {and cake} was appropriately timed on Friday afternoon. 

I came home, made a yummy dish that will be on the blog on Friday, and we just lazed around the house. 

We were so busy, but I loved it! 

We slept in a bit, then Brandon went to play golf while I took Oliver to the vet. {You know you're in Dallas when you see a cat in a baby stroller at the vet. I was dying. Who actually buys this for a cat?!}

Then, Jessica and I went on a long walk; I went to the grocery store, got a car wash, and went to Loft to use up my gift card. I absolutely love the Loft in Mockingbird Station, as it's not as busy and picked-over as the Loft at NorthPark. I got: this pencil skirt, this shell, this tunic {in white} and a cute snakeskin cardigan that's no longer on their website. Then, I came home, did a ton of laundry and cleaned up around the house. 

I cooked again {it'll be on the blog on Friday, too!} and we got cozy on the couch and watched a movie on Netflix. 

We went to Sunday School, where our Newlywed Class has begun its 4-week lesson on sexual intimacy. Yes, that's a little awkward to type on the blog, but it's something that's very important to know in marriage. My eyes were really opened because I'm very reserved when it comes to talking about that {except with Brandon and my friend Jessica, obvi} and it's just nice to know that we have a healthy environment in which to discuss it. 

ANYway, after Sunday School, we had our Supper Club at Pei Wei. Supper Club is something our Sunday School leaders do to let you meet other couples in the class. Each month, one couple leads the Supper Club and gets everyone together; usually about four couples are in a group. The groups rotate each month; that's actually how we met Jessica and Austin and are so thankful for our church and Sunday School class! 

I had to work when we got home {boo} but I'm done now and am ready to get outside and enjoy this weather!

Have a great week, y'all! 


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