Sunday, April 15, 2012


How it is already Sunday is beyond me. The weekends always go by so quickly, and frankly, it makes me kind of sad. I guess that's why three-day weekends are so amazing when they do come. 

Anyway, our weekend was really relaxing, which kind of happened naturally. Special thanks to the weather in Dallas for helping us out with that one. 

We went to my brother- and sister-in-law's house for a birthday dinner for my father-in-law's 60th birthday. My mother-in-law made filet mignon and chicken, kale, brown rice casserole, broccolini, fruit salad, cranberry walnut bread and homemade banana pudding...with merengue on top. Delish

I hadn't seen them since Christmas {crazy since we live only 40 minutes apart!}, so it was nice to visit and have the family all in one place for the first time since December 25. 

My in-law's gave me my birthday gifts while we were over. 

My brother- and sister-in-law gave me this precious Texas print {my SIL paid extra to have "Livingston" printed in the far right corner}, a cute apron and a bottle of my favorite wine. 

My father- and mother-in-law gave me a $75 gift card to Ann Taylor Loft and this precious bread basket

{Brandon really does listen to me when I tell him what I want! :)}

We slept in {amazing} and lounged around the house in our jammies all morning. 

When I finally couldn't take it anymore, I began cleaning our house and didn't stop for two hours! Later in the afternoon, Brandon went with me to North Park so I could spend my gift card and pick up my free birthday gift from Sephora. I tried on a couple of things at Loft, but only found one dress that I really liked on. There were so many that were precious on the hanger but looked terrible when I put it on. Thankfully, their sale was 40 percent off, so I got this dress for $27 and some change. 

Brandon played golf with his dad later in the afternoon while I went to the grocery store and ran some random errands. I caught up on Smash and Dateline while he was gone over a glass of my new bottle of wine. :) 

We braved the rain and went to church this morning, and I'll tell you right now that Satan did not want me to go this morning! I, as my mother and grandmother say, did not have "a smile on my face and a sweet song of Jesus in my heart." 

I was mad because the weather made me have a bad hair day, I was mad because we were late because the weather made me have a bad hair day, I was mad because we couldn't find a parking spot in the underground parking garage because we were late because the weather made me have a bad hair day, I got deodorant on my dress, and my umbrella broke on the way into church and chopped off my fingernail. 

{See, I told you...}

Anyway, we got to Sunday School and were supposed to talk about sexual intimacy in marriage, but our teacher was in Florida for a trial and couldn't get a flight back to Dallas because of the rain. So, we gathered with a class of older marrieds and? It was just what I needed. The Lord is funny like that. 

Our church's April series focuses on memorizing scripture and how when it's on your heart, that's what comes out of your mouth. I almost died because that's exactly what my mom taught us growing up. I can just hear her saying, "Brittany, what's in your heart comes out of your mouth." 

The lady who taught Sunday School today taught about the Parable of the Lost Son {Luke 15:11-31} and our scripture for the week was Romans 3:23: "For all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God." Again, I just knew that the Lord knew I needed to hear that today. I can just remember Vacation Bible School and using an inflection on the word "all" in the verse above: "For all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God." 

It was such a great reminder for me that none of us are perfect. We all sin, every day. We gossip about people, we are jealous of people, we lie, we curse and we let comparison steal our joy. But we do have a perfect God who loves us, and even though we, as Christians, act like one of the two brothers, we are all redeemed. 

After church, we were talking with one of our other Sunday School teachers and a couple in our class about Desperados and our love of their signature dish, "Desperados Tacos." We left church and went to Desperados; 10 minutes later, our Sunday School teachers and that couple walked in. Too funny! 

We came home and I got in bed to read Bloom while Brandon flipped between golf and the Rangers game on TV. Soon enough, however, between the heavy sleeping breaths of Brandon and Oliver, I was out like a light for an hour and a half. 

We're slowly waking up this afternoon, picking up things around the house and putting them in their proper homes, laying out clothes for tomorrow and determining what to make for supper. 

Brandon has a soccer game tonight with our church's intramural soccer league and he wants me to go. I'm slowly figuring out how good of a wife I want to be... 

Happy Sunday. 


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  1. Love the Texas print and the bread basket! From the blog and pictures, it looks like you had a great birthday week!


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