Sunday, April 1, 2012


Happy Sunday! 

It's absolutely gorgeous {albeit summer-ish} outside. We've had such a relaxing, restful weekend -- that we both needed -- and are soaking up the last hours of our weekend. 

Brandon and I met at a local Dallas establishment, Pappy's, for lunch. We rarely get to have lunch dates, so this was a real treat. 

Let's just say we ate horribly this weekend. What? It's my birthday week. I can do what I want. :)

We got home Friday evening, took one look at our leftovers and the weather, and said, "Nahhhhh."

We wandered for a bit until we stumbled upon Aw Shucks Oyster Bar. Two words: fried goodness. 

This was such a cool place. You walk in, stand in line and order from a menu plastered above the order area. The menu is filled with fried and grilled goodies, including fried oysters, fried shrimp, fish tacos, crawfish, crab cakes, grilled tilapia and lots of beer. 

I chose the grilled fish tacos, Brandon ordered the fried shrimp/fried oysters basket {which came with fries} and we shared a crab cake. Oh, and we got a pitcher of Dos Equis. Because we're classy like that. 

You find a seat, they call out your name, and you enjoy your meal! Once you're finished, you walk outside and use the "honor system" to pay: tell the girls behind the counter what you had, they ring you up and you walk to your car. 

We absolutely loved this place and will be back! We both kept saying that we felt like we should be walking outside to a beach; it just had that "beachy" vibe. 

We slept until about 8:30 {which is to be expected when you go to bed at 9:30 p.m.!}, and watched reruns of Saturday Night Live on Netflix

Jess and I went on a two-mile walk while Brandon went to TopGolf. We both came home around the same time, so we grabbed Chick-Fil-A for lunch and then went to the grocery store together, which is so rare! I was getting so tickled because Brandon would wander around the store and say, "I think we need coffee." I'd have to say, "Babe, we have a ton of boxes of Gevalia. I think we're good for another couple of months." Just makes me remember my Mom sending my Dad to the store for eggs and he'd come home with three 2-liter bottles of Dr Pepper...because, you know, we needed Dr Pepper. ;)

We got home and I cleaned...we're taking I-washed-the-shower-curtains-cleaned, and then we just lounged for the rest of the afternoon. 

...and then I decided to run the dishwasher with a free sample of Dawn Dishwashing Liquid. {Deceptive name, Dawn people!!!} I put it in and noticed that the dishwasher was a lot quieter than usual, so I got up and saw this all over my kitchen floor. 

I texted this picture to Brandon and said, "Uh oh." 

I've never done something this stupid before! To my credit, the sample said "Dawn Dishwashing Liquid" and had a picture of the top rack of a dishwasher with pots and pans in it! Really?!

Needless to say, it was just bubbles -- not water -- so it was a quick and easy clean up. But wow, I felt really stupid. We laughed so hard for a long time. 

Today we went to church, then came home quickly because Brandon joined our church's intramural soccer league and had a 12:30 p.m. game in Richardson.

Poor thing twisted his ankle playing, so he's currently hobbling around the house with an ice pack and an Ace bandage.

We're gearing up for another episode of Mad Men tonight {and the Baylor Women's Final Four game} and a yummy home cooked meal. 

Happy Birthday Week {and four-day workweek!} to me! :)

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