Friday, April 27, 2012

Menu Friday

Happy Friday!

Here's what we had to eat this week:


I'm usually pretty good about serving a side with my meals, but by the time last Friday rolled around, it was all I could do to get the meal on the coffee table.

This is a good, easy, comforting meal that absolutely hit the spot last week.

The Pioneer Woman's Penne alla Betsy, salad and sourdough bread

{Side note: Yes, I'm well aware of how much pasta we eat in our house. What? We like carbs.}

This is so easy and creamy! I don't have any modifications to this recipe.

We had so many leftovers from the weekend that we just ate that. So easy for me!

Southern Chicken Casserole {AKA: Poppyseed Chicken} and broccolini 

This was super yummy, and was Brandon's favorite meal of the week/ever. He kept saying, "Oh. My. Gosh. This is so good!" And when he says that, you know it's a keeper!

However, when I was making it, I noticed it was basically the same recipe that my Aunt Katherine posted a while back for her poppyseed chicken, so I pretty much fused these two together to make a fabulous dish.

We had the food truck dinner

I had my Little's bridal shower, so Brandon ate leftovers.


This is so good, so easy and hello? It's Cooking Light. It's a huge favorite in our house.

Again, normally I have a side, but I was absolutely exhausted last night, so I asked Brandon, "Do you care if we just have the stroganoff? I have no energy to make anything else." He knew not to argue. :)

And moving on from Menu Friday, look at this sweet card our new vet sent us yesterday!

She thanked us for coming to see her and welcomed us to the "Katy Trail Animal Hospital family." I love that place!

And also? Did y'all watch the NFL Draft last night? Our man Robert Griffin III was the second pick in the first round...he's now a proud member of the Washington Redskins!

Sic 'Em, Redskins and RG3!

I told Brandon that while I'm sad to see him go, I'm glad that he's in the same division as the Dallas Cowboys so that we can see him play! The Cowboys and Redskins are playing in Dallas (ahem, Arlington) on Nov. 22 and you can bet your little hiney that we'll be in attendance! I'll be the one sporting my Baylor shirt. :)

{And I would just like to point out that he was born in 1990. NINETEEN NINETY! Insane.}


Have a fabulous weekend!

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