Wednesday, March 28, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Happy Wednesday! We're halfway through the week...whew.

I'm loving this cute monogrammed cap that my friend Angelica pinned recently. I always, always wear Brandon's Titleist golf cap when I run my errands on Saturdays and he's had just about enough of it. Ha! This is cute and girly.

I am love, love, loving Oreos lately! My father-in-law always eats them {and never gains a} and I just couldn't pass them up at the store the other day.

I got regular Oreos, but I really want to try their birthday cake Oreos in honor of Oreo's 100th birthday.


I went shopping this weekend and I'm loving the new additions to my wardrobe.

{And yes, I know my office carpet is not the cutest and my legs are very white. But hey, I'd rather be white than have skin cancer!}

Since my birthday is in spring, I always have much cuter spring clothes than winter clothes. Sigh.

I can't wait until we have a laundry room {not a laundry closet} to decorate! It's not far off, so I'm doubly excited about that.

Lastly, it's almost bathing suit time in Texas! I've kind of outgrown the need/desire to wear a skimpy bikini. {With these boobs, ya gotta be careful!} Anyway, I'm loving that one-pieces are really making a comeback...a cute comeback.

This swimsuit is girly, sweet and classy. Can't wait to get my hands on it!

Hope y'all are having fabulous week!


  1. love that swimsuit!! skimpy bikinis are a no go with the chickies {and the 12 extra lbs I can't seem to shake!} so I've been on the hunt for a cute and flattering one piece.

  2. My legs are white as well, but I agree that I definitely don't want skin cancer. Love the new dress!


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