Sunday, March 25, 2012


Happy Sunday!

My husband is {finally} home and I couldn't be more excited. He's currently chipping Wiffle golf balls into our magazine basket in the living room...and Oliver is chasing each one of them. Oh, the life. 

I came home from work, went to the store, and heated up leftovers {what else?} and fell asleep on the couch with Oliver watching Mommie Dearest. "No more wire hangers!!!" 

I slept in and then went on a long walk with Jess. The weather was (and is) absolutely gorgeous in Dallas -- total spring weather -- and it was so nice to just walk and talk for a while. 

After our walk, I went to Jamba to get a smoothie {I'm on a major smoothie kick right now!}  

Then I ventured way up to North Dallas to get my ring cleaned at Robbins Brothers. While I was waiting for the cleaning and annual inspection, I was offered a glass of champagne. Now that's customer service!

If you're ever looking for a place to get an engagement and/or wedding ring, we highly recommend Robbins Brothers. Brandon had excellent service when picking out both my engagement and wedding rings; they soldered mine in eight hours {with an appointment} and they clean it for free anytime, as long as I come in once a year for an annual inspection. 

Ahh, nothing better than a shiny, clean ring! 

Then I came back to our neck of the woods and did some shopping at Mockingbird Station and Shops at Park Lane. Hey, the weather was gorgeous and I'd already worked out outside...what else was there to do but shop outside?! :) 

I got this dress at Old Navy {thanks, Laura!} along with this one {for Baylor games, duh}; this top from LOFT; and a cute floral one-shoulder dress from Francesca's that's no longer on their website. 

Ollie was only interested in the empty bags. 

I spent the afternoon lounging on the couch, then got a nice hour massage. Ahhh. 

After the massage {where my therapist had to work on just my shoulders for a straight 30 minutes} I came home and took a nice Epsom salt bath. With a beer. Because I'm classy like that. 

Excuse my apartment-grade white tile with ugly stains. Girl Scouts Honor I clean my bathtub every week and the stains won't leave.  

I got up early this morning to pick Brandon up from the airport. But not before I had a giant cup of coffee and an episode of Lipstick Jungle. Thanks, Netflix

Brandon's spent the afternoon napping, I've been doing laundry and we watched our Baylor Bears lose to Kentucky in the Elite 8. Oh well, Sic 'Em, anyway. 

And guess what starts tonight again {finally}?! Mad Men! Can't wait for that two-hour season premiere! 

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