Sunday, March 4, 2012


How is it already Sunday?! We had a fabulous weekend of relaxing, which was so needed and really nice since the next few weekends will be jam-packed. 

I got off of work at noon and grabbed Chipotle to go for lunch. I ate it while watching DVR'd episodes of Smash -- which we love, by the way! Then, I grabbed Oliver and he and I took a THREE HOUR nap. 
It. was. amazing. 

Brandon came home with this little lovey and we ate homemade Mexican {photos and recipe on the blog on Friday}. Brandon even set up Netflix for us! So's already paid for itself in one weekend. 

Brandon let me sleep in, then brought me coffee {and Oliver} in bed. I love that man. 

I did a little light cleaning and then went on a walk with Jessica while our husbands played TopGolf. I absolutely love our Saturday morning walks! It's so nice to walk {fast} and talk...and talk...and talk. I'm so thankful for good friends! 

I ran some errands, then Brandon and I began season one of Downton Abbey. Can I please just say? Obsessed. Absolutely obsessed. We finished the entire season today! 


We went to church and Sunday School with Austin and Jessica. Sam's sermon was so wonderful today -- it was about the affirmation of our faith -- and I just think it's so wonderful that the Lord knew that's exactly what I needed to hear today. Exactly. We love Park Cities Baptist Church

We came home and had leftovers {and finished Downton Abbey...}. 

Then, it was major, major spring cleaning time! It was 72* and sunny today...a perfect day to get outside and do some deep cleaning. We swept off both of our porches, cleaned the grill, did laundry, detailed our cars, took down some curtains in the guest room, and re-hung a little sign in there. Whew! 

We're about to grill a yummy steak dinner and relax. 

I'm excited to tell you that we're going to my parents' this weekend...and bringing back my little sister, Maggie, with us to Dallas on Sunday. She's spending part of her Spring Break with us!!! 

Brandon has to work, but Maggie and I have big plans: manicures/pedicures, Build-A-Bear, Dallas World Aquarium, Krispy Kreme and of course, shopping! 

Brandon and I are taking half days on Friday. I absolutely cannot wait to get to Livingston to see my family {it's been since the weekend before Christmas!} and bring my sweet sissy back here. 

Have a great week, y'all! 


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