Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Tuesday Funny

A bit of back story here:
My hometown has broken ground on a college, Polk County College. Students will receive their degrees from either Angelina College or Lamar University.

I, for one, think this is a great thing and more opportunity for students (and parents, alike) to go to college than ever before. And how convienent for so many people in my hometown!

So today, I saw this on my Facebook from a person from my hometown:

I got so tickled! I thought it was hilarious that this person was making fun of this college, yet couldn't use the correct form of "hear." It took everything I had in me to not comment, "Could you please tell us where you when to college if you cannot use the correct form of 'hear?'"

Of course, I absolutely did not {and never, ever would} but I just thought that was pretty funny.

Grammar Police strikes again.

Hmmm...maybe a new series? I know that Stephanie and Emily would lean toward 'yes!' :)


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