Wednesday, February 29, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Happy Leap Day! Hope you salaried workers like myself are enjoying working for free today! :)

I am feeling so much better this morning. Although I will say that yesterday evening was a series of unfortunate events: I decided to make my co-worker Thelma's Chicken {a family favorite; thanks for the idea, Mom!}, black-eyed peas, salad and rolls. I went to the store (with a list, may I add) and was in and out in a matter of minutes.

I came home, started to cook, and noticed I picked up chicken noodle soup instead of cream of chicken soup. Sigh. Then I realized I forgot the rice that the Thelma's Chicken goes on top of. Double sigh.

I trucked it back to the store, got what I needed, and came home and got ready to shred the chicken with my hand mixer {thanks, Pinterest, for the time-saving tip!} and noticed that one of the chicken breasts -- after boiling for 25 minutes -- was still a little pink in the middle. Triple sigh.

So I decided to stick the chicken on the stove in a pan and brown it a bit, then shred it. Well, this stupid person {hi, me} somehow set the smoke detectors off doing so, and as I was running to shut them off, I accidentally put the dishtowel on the burner and caused more smoke! Quadruple sigh.

Needless to say, that better be the best meal ever!

Anywho, moving on to What I'm Loving today:

Turning over a new leaf
I love, love turning my calendar to a new month. So much so, that I did it a day early! Ha!
And I'm loving my new Post It calendar system. Things change so much in my career that I can just remove and/or move the Post It if needed. So easy.

{"I invented Post Its." Name that movie.}

Cute meal labels
I found these cute tags on Pinterest and put them on afore-mentioned Thelma's Chicken.
It makes it so easy for the family to know what to do with the meal when they're ready to eat it.

Orange Juice
I cannot, cannot get enough of this lately. Not sure if it's the spring weather or the fact that my body needs the Vitamin C or what, but I feel like I'm constantly downing a glass or two of this stuff.

Spring colors
I'm not one to take self-portraits, but I'm loving this bright green TJ Maxx top I'm wearing today. I accessorized with fun gold jewelry AND black capris {daring in February!}. Can't wait until April 8 when I can pair this top with white pants and/or capris!

And as I mentioned above, I'm so loving that I get to hold and love on a sweet baby tonight! It's always more fun when it's someone else's baby that you can give back when it cries or needs a diaper change. Ha!

{One photo via Pinterest}

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