Wednesday, February 8, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Happy Wednesday!

I'm loving my ginormous "I <3 NY" mug that I picked up, obviously, in New York City a few months ago. It makes my morning coffee so much more fun.

Murad's Acne Clarifying Cleanser has saved my life this bi-polar winter.

I have major combination skin, so it's oily in my T-zone and dry everywhere else. But then, when I moisturize, it gets oily in the dry parts and oiler in the oily parts and it's just a big mess of blemishes, large pores, under-the-skin pimples and overall dissatisfaction with my face.

I picked this up at Sephora a few weeks ago and I can honestly see a huge difference. It pulls all of the "stuff" out of your face the first week {at first I was thinking it wasn't working and my face was getting worse}, the second week your skin is a bit dry, and the third week you actually see the difference.

I love it!

To go along with my winter face problems, I can never find the "right" moisturizer. Either it's too oily, not oily enough, too matte or just plain doesn't work.

So when the lady at Sephora suggested this moisturizer, I was a bit skeptical.

But y'all? It works. And it smells good, too!

A win-win in my book.

Pinkberry has brought back Salted Caramel yogurt!!!

I am 99 percent sure that I ate this at least three times a week this summer. So when Brandon had a craving for fro-yo on Monday and called me from Pinkberry to tell me that Salted Caramel was back, I did a little dance in my kitchen while washing dishes.

I only get it with Heath Bar topping, per Kappa Prep's recommendation, and that's all it needs.

Now I'm craving it. Fab.

Hope y'all have a fabulous day!

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