Sunday, February 19, 2012


This was a whirlwind weekend, to say the least! I'm sitting on the couch decompressing from everything; it's going to be so nice to actually have a home cooked meal tonight. 

My office closed at 3 p.m. because of Monday's President's Day observance. I came home and cleaned the house and did laundry, then rewarded myself with a glass of wine and DVR'd Real Housewives of Orange County

Brandon brought home yummy salads and hummus from Cafe Express and we watched the Whitney Houston special on 20/20. {Yes, we're old.} 

We woke up at 6 a.m., as Brandon and about 13 others from his office participated in the Dallas Lung Association "Fight for Air Climb," which is running up 54 flights of stairs at Renaissance Tower in downtown. He did it in 12 minutes! I am so proud of him! 

I, of course, did not participate and the guys called me "team mom," as I had my giant Jon Hart bag and held all of their jackets, keys, cell phones, wallets, etc. One guy even asked where their Capri Suns and orange slices were. Ha! 

This was my view at 8:15 a.m.: 

And I thought this was hilarious. In the parking garage, there were spots where only hybrid vehicles could park. I was dying. Only in Dallas. 

After the climb, Brandon's boss treated us to brunch at Another Broken Egg Cafe. We all had yummy Bloody Mary's, mimosas and amazing brunch food: omelets, french toast, pancakes, crab cakes benedict, quiche...mmmm

We went home and took huge naps as it poured down rain outside. Perfect nap weather! 

That evening, we met my grandparents at the Meyerson Symphony Center to see the Dallas Symphony Orchestra perform "Tchaikovsky's Pathetique." It was so beautiful; those musicians have amazing talent. 

Before the performance, we dined at Opus inside the Meyerson. If you ever have a chance to eat there, please do. The food is wonderful! 

The rain finally stopped! Hallelujah! The sun was so welcome this morning. 

We woke up early this morning and did yoga together before going to church, where we learned about communication in a marriage. There's a major difference between hearing and listening to your spouse

After church, we had lunch with our friends Austin and Jessica at El Fenix. So yum! 

This afternoon, I went to the grocery store and got a much-needed car wash, then folded more laundry and picked up around the house a bit. 

Oliver's new "trick" is that he likes to hide his toy mice underneath the washing machine and/or dryer. He kept meowing at the laundry room door, so I finally got down on my hands and knees in the laundry room with a flashlight and a wire hanger {"No more wire hangers!" Name that movie} and found all three of his toys underneath the dryer! 

He was like a kid in a candy store with all three of his catnip-filled mice. 

I'm supposed to have work off tomorrow, so I'm just praying that I don't get called in! I need a day to just chill and sleep in. :) 

Happy Sunday!


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    I think of that movie every time I see a wire hanger. Which is a lot. Dave has way too many wire hangers from the cleaners.


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