Monday, February 27, 2012

A Very Oliver Weekend.

We had a very low-key weekend and did nothing, hence the fact that the only pictures I have to share from the weekend are of Oliver.

And food, but you gotta wait 'till Friday for those! :)

Brandon and I lazed around the house. We ate leftovers. He worked out, I went to PetsMart at 9 p.m. for some eye drops because our poor little guy had {yes, notice I said had!} a small eye infection. Riveting Friday night I tell you, riveting.

I cleaned the house and then went on a walk with my friend Jessica. Brandon went to TopGolf with two of his college roommates...then went to play actual golf with his dad and brother. I am honestly golfed out just typing that.

After our walk, Jess went with me to Kiehl's, because I was out of my {amazing, yes I just called deodrant "amazing"} deodrant and Brandon was out of aftershave. I then dropped her off at her house and ran to the grocery store.

Then, I came back home, did some laundry and caught up on all of my "girly" shows while Brandon was away. Totally saves me from hearing him mimick them and sigh heavily when they're on. :)

We went to church, came back, ate leftovers and took amazing Sunday afternoon naps. Like, we're talking in the bed, golf on TV, fan on high, Oliver in-between us nap. It.was.amazing.

We picked up Jessica and Austin and went to our Sunday School party, "The Newlywed Game" at one of our leaders' homes. I brought Lemon Cool Whip Cookies. We had so much fun! Not kidding, when we left we were saying our faces hurt from laughing so hard!

We came home and fast forwarded through the majority of the Oscars; I really only care about Best Supporting Actress/Actor, Best Actress/Actor and Best Picture...and of course, the dresses! Honestly, I think that Viola Davis and The Help were robbed, but I was happy for Octavia Spencer.

{How can you win Best Actor and Best Picture for a silent film? I don't get it.}

And let me tell you a side story about the above picture. I was about to remove our clean sheets from the dryer when Brandon called to say he was on his way home from the golf course.

I stepped out of our laundry room closet to grab the phone. We talked for maybe two minutes, and I turned around to go back into said room closet to take the sheets out and put them on the bed.

I knelt down and Oliver had weaseled his way into the dryer and was happily cozied up with our CLEAN sheets. I was ready to kill him, but he just looked so darn cozy and cute that I had to snap a picture.

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