Friday, February 24, 2012

Menu Friday

Happy Friday! March is going to be jam-packed, so we're going to savor this weekend as best we can.

Brandon's playing golf with his dad, I'm going on a walk with my friend Jessica, we're going to church and we have a Sunday School party: "The Newlywed Game." So excited for this low-key weekend!

On to Menu Friday...

We ate at Opus inside the Meyerson Symphony Center with my grandparents. If you ever have a chance to eat there, please do. It's so worth it.


I'm glad I made this on a Sunday night, because it took for-ev-er, but it was really worth it in the end. Brandon's review? "This is good and simple: hashbrowns, chicken and chese. Yum."

Couldn't have said it better myself!


Y'all. I have tried hundreds of enchilada recipes {even family recipes!} and these were the best I've ever had. And we ate them as leftovers for three days!

Modfications: I used dried onion because, let's face it: I freaking hate chopping up onions. Also, I added in a bit of pico de gallo and did add in a bit more chile powder than called for, and added in a good amount of cumin and garlic powder.

Creamy Caprese Pasta and a green salad

O-M-G. This was mindblowingly amazing...and our favorite meal of the week. This was so simple {I literally talked on the phone with my cousin Rebecca the entire time I was preparing this} and anything with cheese in it? Bonus.

Modifications: I used whole-wheat penne pasta {because that's what was on sale at Tom Thumb} and sliced the grape tomatoes, because who likes to bite into a hot, whole, juicy tomato? Not I.

We're having these leftovers for supper tonight and I. cannot. wait.

The only thing that would make this dish even more amazing would be a glass of Pinot Noir. But, with that whole "not drinking wine" thing I've got going on right now...le sigh.

Take a guess...


Okay, y'all. To quote the Geico commercials I loathe, this is so easy that my 9 1/2-year old sister could make them.

You literally pour a 16 oz. jar of salsa into a crock pot {make sure you use your liners for a quick and easy clean up!}, mix in a packet of taco seasoning, and lay three chicken breasts over the mixture. Cover and turn on low until you get home.

I honestly have no clue how these are as good as they are, but THEY ARE. I love them...and based on Oliver's proximity to me last night as I was eating, he thinks they're good, too.

Hope you have a wonderful, relaxed weekend! I just got back from Neiman's Zodiac Room with a friend, and I had the best shrimp salad...I'm ready for a nap!


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