Sunday, February 5, 2012

Dazed & Confused + Menu Sunday?

I seriously feel dazed and confused. After that crazy week and PTO on Friday, my schedule is so thrown off and I'm still pretty sleepy.

I'm playing major catch up, so forgive me. 

May I present to you, Menu Friday Sunday. 

Friday, Jan. 27:
We ventured to our favorite local dive, Desperados, for their signature Desperados Tacos and happy hour margaritas. 

Saturday, Jan. 28:
I made my mother-in-law's homemade chicken pot pie for the first time. 
One word: wonderful. Well, two: wonderful and easy. 
Let me know if you want the recipe. I'm too tired to go to the kitchen to get the recipe card right now. :)

Sunday, Jan. 29: 
Cooking Light's Farfalle with Creamy Wild Mushroom Sauce. 
Again, super easy and the only thing I left out was the parsley. 

Monday, Jan. 30:
I made my always-easy and good standby: spaghetti with turkey meat sauce and salad. 
Always a pleaser. 

Tuesday, Feb. 1:
This is when the craziness started, so I stopped taking pictures of our meal(s). 
Tuesday was Crockpot Chicken Tacos. Y'all, oh my word was this good. And stupidly easy. It was only three ingredients and tasted like 33. Husband raved and raved about it, so I'm definitely making again! 

Wednesday, Feb. 2 -- Thursday, Feb. 3:
Leftovers. Fabulous leftovers. 

As I have mentioned, I took PTO on Friday. Glorious, fabulous PTO. 

I "slept in" until a little after 8 a.m.; it was raining, so I went to get Oliver and we cuddled while watching the Today Show

Our friends Austin and Jessica came over for supper on Friday, so I spent the day cleaning, cooking and decorating for February. 

I even got somewhat crafty (ha!) and made this centerpiece found on Pinterest. 

I found this "I <3 You" sign at Hobby Lobby in Waco in 2006. It's held up! 

We had so much fun with Austin and Jessica that I completely forgot to take pictures! 

I made my grandmother's chicken spaghetti recipe {again, let me know if you want the recipe; I'm not getting up from this cozy couch!} and her buttermilk pie {you get the picture} and Jessica brought garlic bread and made a III Forks Salad replica. 

We drank wine, chatted, played "You Don't Know Jack" and chatted some more. So thankful for good friends. 

On Saturday, we slept in and lazed around the house, then ran some errands. 

World Market had some fun Mardi Gras accessories. :) 

Today, we went to church and since I was out of my lotion {probably because I have had to put on so much because of this bi-polar weather!} Brandon ran me over to Bath & Body Works

This is my new obsession. 

We came home and heated up some leftovers, Brandon went to the gym, and I'm cuddled with Oliver on the couch watching Property Virgins on HGTV

Oh, and isn't there a Superbowl game on tonight? We obviously could care less about either teams...ha! So, we'll be getting cozy on the couch with leftovers and getting excited about the commercials. :)

Happy Sunday! It's good to be back! 


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