Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A Bullet Point Post

A bullet point post today. 
  • I'm home sick today. Well, this afternoon. Never again will I make Hummus Chicken. Ever. Pinterest fail
  • There is absolutely nothing on TV during the day. 
  • For that reason, I wish we had DVR in our bedroom. When we move, that's gonna be at the top of my to-do list. 
  • March is going to be so busy that I look at my calendar and try not to hyperventilate. 
  • I've learned this about myself: I mentally block unpleasant things out of my mind (e.g.: client billing). I had to re-learn how to do that this morning and I almost freaked out on my computer. Mental note: Don't block out important things. 
  • The season finale of Parenthood is tonight and it makes me kind of sad! I'm going to miss the Braverman clan until next season.
  • On the subject of TV, The Bachelor is making me very nervous. Courtney is an absolute craze, and I just know he's going to pick her. He likes the validation she gives him. 
  • I had a conference call this afternoon {that I took in bed} and when it was my turn to speak, Oliver felt that that was a good time to meow. Loudly. Fab, Oliver. Fab. 
  • I bought the Pledge Pet Hair Fabric Sweeper {thanks to Mary's recommendation} and I'm a bit obsessed. 
  • I hope I get better before tomorrow because I'm supposed to take supper to a sweet work friend who just had her second baby boy. So excited to meet precious Davin! 
  • That said, I wonder if I can get Brandon to stop by Tom Thumb and pick up the ingredients for my Nana's chicken spaghetti that I'm supposed to take?
  • I need a haircut. My split ends are ridiculous. 
  • A guy on the evening news just said, "Plano has a cool vibe." Uhhh, okay?
Enough of my rambling. Have a happy day. Pray I get to feeling better! 

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