Sunday, January 8, 2012


Oh, glorious weekend. You were so needed and we have enjoyed you to the fullest. 

I got home from work and Oliver had a major accident, if you catch my drift. I spent nearly an hour cleaning up his mess, cleaning up my mess from cleaning up his mess, and deodorizing our home. As soon as I was ready to pour the litter back into the box, I realized we were out. So, I called Brandon who had just pulled into the drive. He had to turn around and go to PetsMart; he got home and realized he left his purchases at the store. Then, I had to go to Tom Thumb to get some pet supplies...and wine. At that point, it was so needed.

{Let me just say that I think that every couple needs to own a pet before having a baby. Not kidding, it has so opened my eyes.}

I then cooked this for supper {so good} and we just relaxed on the couch. 

We slept in and moved to the couch to watch Contagion with coffee. Let's just say the movie made me feel like I needed to clean and sanitize even more than I already do. 

Oliver had a vet appointment, and he was so scared. There were loud dogs barking and he was terrified to get out of his carrier. It broke my heart when he was yowling because he was so irritated at the vet. 

Later that afternoon, Brandon finally bought himself some new Sperry's, and I went to the grocery store. 

We decided to just stay in this weekend, so I decided to make this for dinner. It took awhile, so we had a little wine and cheese appetizer while it was cooking. 

Seriously, I am falling in love with Skinny Taste. Her spinach-stuffed shells with turkey meat sauce was awesome...and we have a ton of leftovers!

Warning: Working gals, this is not a weeknight meal. It took me a good hour from start to finish...definitely couldn't get this on the table on a random Tuesday night. 

Today we went to church and it was an awesome lesson on "Keeping Your Marriage Together in Today's World." It's so funny because we all think it's so easy...but the bottom line is, is that it's not. We can only do it with the Lord. In fact, our Sunday School teacher asked us, "How many people do you think it takes to keep your marriage working?" The answer? Three: the wife, the husband and the Lord. Such good encouragement and accountability, and I'm so glad that He brought us to Park Cities Baptist Church

We got home and Brandon made our first fire in a few weeks. Today's weather just calls for it! 

{Oliver had no idea what to do with the fire.}

We've been eating so well that we treated ourselves to Piggie Pies Pizza. Yum! 

Dallas friends, you have to order from here. So much better than your large chains like Pizza Hut, Domino's, Papa John's, etc. {Get the Pig's our favorite!}

Now we're just laying low. Clothes are drying in the dryer, I've steamed my floors and picked up the house, and my boys are watching football: 

Happy Sunday. Make the most of these last precious hours of the weekend!

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  1. Be glad you got a cat! I was miserable the first months with Capri. She did some major damage to the house. Now, thanks to the thunder shirt we can finally leave her alone without worrying so much about her.

    I agree with you. Every couple should get a pet before having kids!


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