Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Fun facts.

My college friend Stephanie tagged me in one of those fun "getting to know you" posts that is currently making its way 'round the blog world.

Just follow the rules {posted below} and enjoy my fun random facts. :)

Happy Wednesday!

the rules:
1. you must post the rules.
2. post eleven fun facts about yourself on the blog post.
3. answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post, and then create eleven new questions to ask the people you've tagged.
4. tag eleven people and link them on your post
5. let them know you've tagged them!
my {fun} facts
1. I am an obsessive compulsive cleaner. We're talking I have to make the bed in the morning even if I'm running late, and I get overly excited about cleaning on the weekends. Yeah, I know. 
2.  I have a weakness for wine and cheese. As my friend Jenna said, "I haven't met a cheese I didn't like."
3. I'm from a small town in southeast Texas. That said, I say words that I get strange looks for. Exhibit A: "The feeder road." Until I got married, I didn't know that there was another name for it. {Which, if you're wondering, is "access road."} I also say things like "iiiice tea" for "iced tea," and drawl out my "i's" on words like "Hi," "mile," "mine," "wine," and "fine."
{You'll also get an occasional "fixin'" if you listen for it.}
People in my office like to say to me, "Country comes to town!"
4. Like Stephanie, I went to Baylor and am obsessed with that school and everything green and gold. Sic 'Em, Bears! Brandon and I just pray that our kids are smart and/or athletically inclined...scholarship!!!
5. My one indulgence? A gel manicure and regular pedicure every two or three weeks.
6. My favorite type of writing utensil is the Sharpie fine point pen. Obsessed.
7. I'm an admitted planner. I like to know what's going to go on and when. So much so that I use a meal planner, have already taken off my days for Thanksgiving and Christmas, and use a Post-It note system for my work calendar.
{"I invented Post-Its."}
8. Correct grammar is a must for me. {Yes, I know this negates #3 above.}
The whole you're, your; to, too, two; they're, their, there thing? A MUST. I literally cringe when I see people use "your" or "you're" incorrectly.
Also, for the record: it's sneak peek. Not "sneak peak."
9. You can always tell when I'm mad. I can't cover up my feelings.
10. My closet is color-coordinated and is organized by strapless-long sleeve. Yep.
11. Our cat's name is Oliver, but we've taken to calling him, "Boo Boo." As in, "Where's the Boo Boo?" I blame Bethenney.
And now for Stephanie's questions....
1. What is your favorite part about blogging?
I like getting it all out there, and then having a place to look back and reminisce. It's a love/hate relationship at times, but I like getting a sneak peek into others' lives.
2. Who is your celebrity crush?
Colin Firth. Like Stephanie, LOVE that accent.
And even though he's cray-cray, I do love me some Brad Pitt.
3. What is your favorite place/city in the world?
London. Absolutely, hands down, London. I studied abroad there in summer 2007 and it was the best summer of my life.
4. If you could tell us a time when you helped a stranger the most, when was it?
Last year it snowed really bad in Dallas, and my office closed early. I was on my way home, and this poor lady was going down the exceptionally snowy sidewalk in her electric scooter to get to the bus stop. I slowed down to look at her and thought, "Bless her heart, she has to be cold."
I was turning the corner and she got stuck in the snow and couldn't get out; wheels spinning. So, I pulled over and put my flashers on and pushed her to the bus stop. It was so cold, but I kept thinking, "Never forget to entertain strangers, for by so doing, some people have entertained angels without knowing it." -Hebrews 13:2
5. If you could have only one magazine subscription for the rest of your life, which would you choose?
It's a tie between Real Simple and Southern Living
6. What is your biggest fear? 
Snakes. I hate them.  
7. What is your guilty pleasure?
Manicures & pedicures, wine & cheese and trashy Bravo TV
8. Can you recall your favorite childhood memory?
Skiing with my family in Angel Fire, New Mexico
9. Facebook or Twitter?
Twitter, definitely. And I think that so many people with their incessant Facebook status updates diary need to get Twitter, too.
10. What is your biggest pet peeve?
People with airs about them.
I don't care what college you went to, what your career is, where you do or do not live and how much money you do or do not make. People are so judgmental of others because of these things {even if they want to admit it or not} and I'm so over it.
11. How would you sum yourself up in three words or less?
Quirky. Silly. Loving.
And the lucky people I tag are {sorry, I'm doing less than 11!}:
{because I'm lazy I'm going to copy Stephanie's questions... enjoy my friends!}
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  1. yay! so glad you linked up :) and trust me, Tyler and I are hoping for a scholarship for the chicklets too. and am I the only one who when reading that said it in my head like "scholarshipppp" from the Geico commercial?! hahaha

  2. No, that's exactly what I was thinking when I typed it! Ha!


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