Tuesday, January 3, 2012


This has been a 24 hours of "firsts," that's for sure!

1. I'm back at work after being off for 12 days. I took a look at my make-up drawer and my high heels this morning and wanted to cry.

2. I didn't sleep last night for the first night in nearly two weeks. So I'm tired. I need coffee.

3. I made my first "skinny" meal of the year: Skinny Taste's Crock Pot Chicken Taco Chili.
It was pretty good! {Sorry for the crappy iPhone pic.} But my office has ordered "comfort food" for lunch today. I'm trying hard to resist and just eat my leftovers!

4. We're loving sweet Oliver. But, he "cries" any time we leave the room or the house. It's so sad and just breaks my heart! I've read up on it and apparently this happens with shelter cats; just some seperation anxiety that I'm hoping we'll get over soon. He cried when Brandon left this morning, but when I put him in "his room" when I left, he went in just fine. So who knows?!

5. I am feeling like a new mom around my house because I'm constantly picking up things off the floor so he won't chew or choke on them, and I find myself talking to him when he cries saying, "It's okaaaaay." Heaven help me when I become a mom to an actual human being.

6. I'm trying hard to remind myself that today is Tuesday - not Monday - and that I'll make it through today and this week. But it's definitely hard being awake right now, and it's hard getting back into that routine! 

If you're back to work or school today, good luck!

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