Monday, January 9, 2012

Favorite Things: Winter Edition

Can I just put it out there? I hate winter. With a passion.

I never have enough clothes, my skin is always dry, my hair is always dry (therefore static-y) and I am not a fan of it being dark at 6 p.m. If I could live somewhere where's it fall and spring year-round, I'd be one happy girl.

So, to get myself through this season and into spring, there are a few things that are my "Winter Favorites." {I'm thinking about doing this each season. Thoughts?}

I picked this up at the B&BW after-Christmas sale and am in love. It really does help with those winter-y, ashy legs. {Yes, I just admitted to the public that I have ashy legs in the winter. Boom.}

This is out-of-this-world expensive, but it's so worth it. My Nana gave me the little mini size for Christmas and I've already gone through it, so I had to go get the normal size. 

The cream is so rich {but not greasy} and smells so yummy. Perfect for those dry hands I get after constantly washing my hands, or doing the dishes, etc.  

I hate wearing heels. {Probably because I wore them far too much in college.} So, I basically live in closed-toe flats in the winter. And as much black as I wear, I go through black flats pretty quickly.

I couldn't find any that I loved (especially any I was willing to shell out hundreds of dollars for) so I tried these on on a whim at Target. And I loved them! They're perfect with skirts and dresses with tights, or pants at work.

Warning: They take some major breaking in. We're talking I have Band-Aids on my heels right now. But I feel the breaking in working! And they're too cute to pass up.

I am pretty picky when it comes to coffee creamer. This was on sale at Tom Thumb (probably because it's weeks after Christmas and they still have it in stock...) and I quickly grabbed the last bottle on Saturday.

I love, love the seasonal Coffee-Mate {Regular hazlenut? Booooring.} and I was so glad they still had this in stock...even if for just a bit.

And even though I hate winter, I love decorating for any holiday. And even though we don't really celebrate Valentine's Day {I typically cook a nice meal and Brandon will bring me flowers} I still like to decorate for it!

I found these ideas on Pinterest and think I'll work on them a bit closer to February:

Happy {cold, rainy} Monday. We're almost to the end of the day...well, 3.5 hours're almost there!


  1. those flats are so cute! you need to try Blister Block it's by BandAid brand... looks like a baby sized deodorant but you apply it to your feet and they will NOT blister. I am obsessed. Even Tyler uses it when he gets new combat boots... and even though some of the guys made fun of him for using it now they use it too! It really is a miracle worker! Bonus? It doesn't stain your shoes or even leave any mark on suede. Win.

  2. Ah! Thank you! This will definitely be a life-saver for sure. :)


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