Friday, January 6, 2012

Cozy on a 70 degree day.

Happy Friday!

I am so glad today is Friday and am really looking forward to having a nice home-cooked meal and lounging around on the couch with Brandon and Ollie tonight.

On a random note, it's a high of 70 degrees in Dallas today. In early January. Insane!

{However, now that it's not Christmas, I totally don't care if it's hot or cold.}

ANYway, I got this little gem on sale at LOFT after Christmas and am proudly wearing it today:

Warm and cozy on a 70 degree day. That's how I roll.

Happy weekending.

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  1. cuuuute vest! I am enjoying the brief reprieve from the cold... I think Mondays high here is 46 or something crazy like that! Today's 65 degree weather was much welcomed!!


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