Saturday, December 31, 2011

"Should Old Acquaintance Be Forgot..."

As with other blogs I'm sure you'll read today and tomorrow, I cannot believe that 2012 is upon us. 

I'm sitting here on our couch, last cup of coffee of the year in hand, pondering 2011. So much happened, so much didn't. 
I truly thought about doing a year in pictures, but after sleeping from 11 p.m. - 11 a.m. {I know, I know} I'm really not in the mood. 

I remember sitting in my apartment in college after the 2008 election results were announced. Brandon had already graduated and moved to Dallas; I was graduating in one month. I was crying, and I called my mom who said, "That's okay! We'll get 'em in 2012." I thought, "2012?! That seems so far away!" But here we are. 2012. 

There are so many things I want to accomplish this year, so many things I want to change. But I don't think I want to make resolutions. As with Andrea, I want to make goals. Not too many goals, because I know me and I know I get intimidated quickly. But like Erin, I want to make each year a theme. 
2012 is going to be my year of contentment. 

This is something I've struggled with, especially since moving to Dallas. Our Sunday School teacher talks about this often; living here amongst the proverbial "Jones's." As humans, we naturally want more and better: more house, better cars, more and better clothes... 

But my goal is to be content this year. (And years thereafter.) 2012 is not going to be the Year of the House. Or the Year of the Baby. Or the Year of the New Car. It's going to be the Year of Saving Money and Still Living in an Apartment and Driving Old Faithful. And it's going to be the year of being okay with that. 

Someone will always have a bigger house, a better job (or even a job), a nicer car, better clothes, a fatter wallet, a baby first, or take more vacations. But I am learning to remember that Brandon and I will never get this sweet, special time back. Once we have a baby, we'll always be parents. {And bye bye to sleeping until 11 a.m.!} Once we have a house, we'll have property taxes, no free maintenance and bigger bills. Once we get promoted, we'll have more responsibility and less time for and with each other. We'll never get this time back and I need to be content with that. 

We're gearing up for a low-key night with our friends the Jones's. (No, not the "proverbial Jones's!") Lasagna, salad, bread, dessert and wine. Just the way we like it. 

So, goodbye 2011. 

Hello, 2012. May you be a year of contentment and happiness. 

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