Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Oh What Fun It Is To...Cook!

To go off of yesterday's post (and because I saw this on Blue Eyed Bride), I thought I'd share with you some must-have recipes for Christmas. 

Honestly, it just isn't Christmas without these. Kind of like I don't feel like it's Christmas unless I watch Elf, A Christmas Story ("You'll shoot your eye out!") and Miracle on 34th Street.  

The first thing is breakfast casserole. My mom makes hers with bread (not crescent rolls) on Christmas Eve and we eat it for breakfast on Christmas morning. If I eat it any other time of the year, it's just wrong.

You can make these in the Crock Pot, but we don't. We just melt white chocolate almond bark and chocolate almond bark in a large mixing bowl in the microwave and then stir the peanuts in. Then you just scoop out on wax paper and let sit for about 15 minutes. Done and done!

{Okay, can I be frank with y'all here? We call it "Throw-Up Dip," much to my Grammy's chagrin. I mean, look at it! Please don't think less of us. Ha!} 

But the T.U.D. is so yummy and even though we call it a nasty name, we all devour it. 

(We also serve it with Fritos and tortilla chips, not Ritz.) 

If you haven't made this yet after my much-professed love of it, YOU NEED TO MAKE IT. 

Not even kidding, you better get your slice with dinner and don't wait for dessert, because if you wait, it'll be gone. It's a staple in the Ogletree/Sasser/Talley family! 

What are some of your staples? 

PS: My office closes at 3 p.m. tomorrow for our holiday party (in Highland Park Village, love it) and I'm so excited!!!

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