Thursday, December 1, 2011

Life as a {Bad} Wife: Confessions

This blog is called "Life as the Mrs." {Obviously}

But I am here to tell you that "The Mrs." has been a bad wife lately.

The first step is admitting you have a problem, right?

Usually I'm very good at cooking, cleaning and making sure that our laundry is done.

But this week? Not so much.

Confession #1: I have a weekly menu; this week husband has been gone three nights for supper and I've been eating leftovers and cheese and crackers. And tonight? Chick-Fil-A.

Confession #2: I did laundry last night. But it's still sitting in my dryer because I didn't want to fold it.

Confession #3: My counters have a serious case of hairspray film on them. I really should wipe those down, but I'm not in the mood to smell the Clorox wipes.

Confession #4: I let Brandon unwrap his birthday present early. I was too excited about it. And the wrapping paper didn't match the gifts under the tree, so I needed him to open it so everything would match.

Confession #5: Instead of buying Christmas presents on Friday after work, I'll be buying a couple of bottles of wine and plan to drink them while watching Dateline. Classy.

Confession #6: I really wanted dessert last night, but I was too lazy/cold to go get froyo. So I got a spoon and the crunchy Jif and had a bite...or two. Don't you judge me.

Confession #7: I got a little DVR clean-up happy and deleted Brandon's episodes of "Sons of Guns" accidentally on purpose. Oops.

Confession #8: While I continue to tell myself I'm going to pick up my house, I guarantee you that it will be a mess until Sunday afternoon. And I'll probably get irritated with it and clean up a storm on Brandon's birthday. Oh well.

And those are my {bad} wife confessions. AKA: Nonsense.

Happy Thursday.

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