Sunday, December 18, 2011

Family Christmas.

As I mentioned Friday, we went to my parents' house this weekend for Christmas with my family. Sadly, I won't get to be with them this year {it's Brandon's year} so we did Christmas a week early in one of my favorite places: 


I absolutely love my parents' house at Christmas. My mom goes above and beyond; I can't wait to be out of an apartment and actually decorate! 

Don't you love her "Ho Ho Ho" sign?! She is so crafty. 

She has two trees; one in the living room {above} that houses all of our homemade and "kid"-type ornaments, and one in the study {below} that is "her" tree with the fancier ornaments. The one thing I love is that this tree faces the street, so when you drive by or walk up to the house, it's the first thing you see. 

This was the new addition this year to the bannister: "JOY" in wreathes and through garland. 

We spent the evening visiting with my family...and my sweet cat Herman. 

Call me silly, but I love this cat! He was a stray that kept hanging out around my dad's office; my dad has a soft spot for cats, too, and picked him up and brought him home. I immediately fell in love with him. He's so sweet and so cuddly! :) 

...and Brandon is finding a soft spot for him, too. ;) 

We were absolutely exhausted from my company Christmas party, so we went home and crashed. We stay with my Nana and Pah {my dad's parents} when we go home, and I just cherish those sweet, special times spent with them. 

They have a beautiful house, and we have the entire second floor to ourselves. The bed is so comfy and we slept in so late on Saturday. We kept saying, "It's so quiet!" Gotta love East Texas. 

I spent the afternoon just hanging out with my family, while Brandon chopped fire wood and had a barbeque lunch with my grandfather. 

My brother was named a "Senior Hottie" (or something ridiculous to that effect), meaning that he has to do photo shoots with our photographer friends every so often. This was the Christmas photo shoot, and this is my brother with his friend and fellow model Broderick doing the "RG3" pose before they left. Love it! 

Saturday night was Christmas with my family. We had the most yummy meal: my dad's homemade beef tenderloin (Southern Living recipe...I need to find it), my Nana's brown rice casserole, green bean casserole, rolls, salad and buttermilk pie. My mouth is watering right now just thinking about it! 

{Maggie and me. Love her!} 

After dinner, we opened gifts with my parents, sister, brothers, Grammy {my mom's mom} and Nana and Pah {my dad's parents}. 

We got Maggie sparkle Toms and a cute H&M dress...

The boys each got J. Crew button downs and iTunes gift cards...

{And yes, Parker has the ribbon on his head.} 

Pah got a UT jacket {yes, it killed me to go into the UT Co-Op store} and Nana got a Talbot's sweater {sorry that I didn't get a picture of you, Nana!} 

Grammy got a Banana Republic shirt...

And mom and dad got the iPhoto cube

Brandon and I got amazing gifts and are so thankful. I even got the Jon Hart tote I wanted! :)

And I surprised Brandon with his very first shotgun: a Browning 12-guage shotgun. He was SO shocked and surprised! I loved his reaction. 

Today we went to church and then went to Maggie's Christmas piano recital. She did so well and we were so proud of her! 

After her recital, we were outside our church telling everyone goodbye, and I was hugging my Dad, when my brother came up and bear-hugged us both. My mom made us pause for a picture, when we realized that the "Ogletree genes" were in one picture... we had to take a picture of those with the Sasser genes {aka: my mom's dad's side of the family}. 

How funny is that?! We have such even representation in our it. 

We're now lounging on the couch watching last night's SNL, which is hilarious so far. Only two days of work for me this week -- so excited! 

Have a happy week!

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