Thursday, December 8, 2011

Busy much?

Happy Thursday!

My team's biggest event of the year is tomorrow...yes, tomorrow. {Freaking out just a little!} I'm hopping on a plane for Killeen and San Antonio and will be back in Dallas in just four hours tomorrow.

We've been busting our hineys for the past few weeks and we're hoping it majorly pays off tomorrow. So needless to say, I've been a tiny bit tired this week, so I apologize for my lack of interesting posts.

Brandon's company Christmas party and our Sunday School Christmas party are both this weekend, so I promise I'll be back on Sunday with a better blog post. :)

Oh, and can I please brag on Baylor some more

Robert Griffin III {aka RG3} just won the Davey O'Brien Award. That is the award for the NATION'S TOP QUARTERBACK. 

I'll let that sink in for a little bit. 

Nation's top quarterback, people. That is a huge freaking deal. 

Now we just need to secure that Heisman and win that Bowl game and it'll be a nice lil' trifecta. 

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