Wednesday, November 9, 2011


It's Wednesday, and my "What I'm Loving Wednesday" is going to be pretty lame today.

I'm still feeling sick, but thankfully I actually slept last night, so I'm feeling a bit better today, thankfully!

Anyway, moving on.

I know it's really, super lame to be posting about cranberry juice, but I am. Brandon's recently been on a cranberry juice kick, and last night as I was practically dying on the couch, he made me down two {huge} glasses of it.

And guess what? Between the cranberry juice and my cocktail of medications {Amoxicillin, ibuprofen and Claritin}, I was able to sleep and I honestly feel much better today.

Apparently cranberry juice is full of phytochemicals, which are possibile deterrents for our immune systems. Who knew!?

Speaking of Brandon, I'm so thankful for him. As I mentioned, I was practically dying on our couch last night, getting up every few minutes to go to the restroom and/or blow my nose. And bless his heart, he catered to me every second of the evening.

I had a fever. He put a washcloth (that he'd frozen in the freezer) on my head.

I was hungry. He got me food.

I needed my pillow from the bedroom. He got it for me.

He cleaned up the kitchen. He let me sleep through 50 percent of Parenthood. And he was as quiet as a mouse this morning, just begging me to take the day off.

Brandon, I love you.

And speaking of dinner, I made my aunt's chili* last night and it was pretty much amazing. The five bites I took of it.

I'm really looking forward to eating leftovers tonight...and having the spices open my sinuses.

{I told you this Wednesday post would be lame.}

And this weather? A-mazing. (Even though I guarantee you it's half of the reson I'm sick right now.)

It's really starting to feel like fall and I'm so excited! I actually have on tights today!

*On the chili, I didn't use bacon {simply because I don't like it} and we didn't eat it with Fritos or sour cream. We just poured it into heaping bowls and ate it with Ritz Crackers and a bit of mozzarella chese on top (Brandon served me...I would have preferred cheddar, but beggars can't be choosers!).

{Photos via Google & Katherine Sasser}

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