Sunday, October 2, 2011


We've had such a fun weekend, but I can't believe it's already Sunday! All of the work we've done for the past two months is going to {hopefully} pay off tomorrow, so I'm excited for everything to get underway. 

I got home really late from work., and then we went to Top Golf with a couple we met in our Sunday School class. We had so much fun! 

My half-sister came up from Waco (she's at Baylor) and she spent the day with me running errands: getting fitted for my bridesmaids dress for Angelica's wedding, going to the dry cleaners, and going to the grocery store. 

Check out these monstrous pumpkins we saw at Tom Thumb:

And of course, we had to stop at Loft's sale. I got this cute striped shirt for only $21!

After she left, we watched the Baylor game (such a sad loss...but that's okay, our record is still better than A&M's. :)) and ate yummy oven-baked chicken and peas. And did anyone watch Melissa McCarthy on SNL? We were cracking up

Today we went to church, and then went to brunch at Another Broken Egg with another couple from our Sunday School class. We are just loving our Sunday School class and all the great people we're meeting and becoming friends with. 

I'm spending the afternoon alternating between doing a bit of work, folding laundry and picking up around here. 

Hope you have a beautiful Sunday and are enjoying this weather!

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