Monday, October 10, 2011

thank you!

We just wanted to say "thank you" to our sweet family and friends that told us "Happy Anniversary" yesterday. Some of you sent cards, e-mails, Facebook and/or Twitter messages; some of you called; and some of you sent text messages.

Whatever way you told us, we just wanted to say "thanks!" It made our day to hear and see your congratulations. True friends, that's for sure!

This is the card I got for Brandon:

Cinderella: Hides expensive shoe purchases from husband, but keeps a lovely home.
Prince: Leaves the toilet seat up but is a great dancer.

I saw this at the grocery store and was literally laughing so hard that I was crying in the card aisle. People probably thought I was a weirdo. But if you know us, this pretty much sums it up!

Hope you have a great week. We're leaving for our vacation this weekend. (Eeeek!) Keeping our eyes on the prize.

Thanks again! We love y'all!

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