Saturday, October 22, 2011

Playa Mujeres Parte Uno: The Hotel

We're back! We had an absolutely fabulous time! We took a ton of pictures, so I'm going to save you all some scrolling time and break up our trip into a couple of sections, or "partes."

 (Hello, I just got back from Mexico. You didn't think I wasn't going to drop in a tiny bit of Espanol, did you?!)

We stayed at the Excellence Resort in Playa Mujeres, which is a beach area north of Cancun. We would recommend it to anyone and everyone; it was absolutely gorgeous! And, the resort looked exactly like it did on the website, which I very much appreciated. 

{This is one of the pool areas. We're taking the photo from an over-the-pool restaurant, The Lobster House.}

{The view from our room}

{Another view of our room, looking right}

{View from our room, looking left}

{Front view again}

{And again...}

{My toes weren't in the water, but they were close!}

{This was the Martini Bar. We loved the lit countertops!}

{The beachfront wedding gazebo}

{Beach area}

{Gorgeous lobby}

{We loved the lobby ceiling!}

{One of the pools}

{The huge the Vegas-style show}

{Outside of the theater}

{View from our room}

{Our beautiful room}

More pics to come!

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