Saturday, October 22, 2011

Parte Dos: Los Actividades

One thing we loved about the hotel is that there was never a shortage of activities, even when it was raining. The "menu" of activities changed daily, but some things included: bike riding, water sports, towel-folding classes, DVDs for rent, games at the pool {I may or may not have identified Space Jam in the Hollywood Movie Theme Song Quiz}, dancing classes, the spa {Ridiculously fabulous}, etc. 

One of our favorite pre-dinner actividades was to visit the Martini Bar in the lobby area. Personally, I loved the mudslide martini and sipped a few Kir Royales. It was one of our favorites. 

We also loved the restaurants, which included Basmati (Indian), Barcelona (Mediterranean), Agave (Mexican), Flavor Market (Tapas), Chez Isabelle (French), Spice (Asian/Hibachi), The Lobster House (duh...lobster), and Toscana (Italian). 

This is one of our precious waiters making us Bananas Foster for dessert. Fab-u-lous.

He also made Brandon some Mayan Coffee {which wasn't even on the menu}, and I'm pretty much craving it right now.

We loved exploring the resort grounds. On one of the rainy days, we found a little activity center, which included ping-pong, pool and this oversize chess set. 

Here we are again at the Martini Bar. Love, love, love those counters.

Each night, there were shows in the large theater: a Las Vegas show, a magic show, a circus show, and even a Michael Jackson show. 

This was the circus show, and these guys were amazing. I thought I was doing good with my yoga until I saw them...

Unlike our honeymoon, there was a huge mix of people at the resort. These were our New York friends, who were actually really, really nice. This was the first night of the World Series {before we knew that the Rangers would lose}. We convinced them to do the Rangers "antlers" for a picture. They loved the Yankees, so this made us all laugh. 

If you're at the resort for your honeymoon or anniversary, you get a complimentary "romantic dinner" at the restaurant of your choice, which includes rose petals on the table and a complimentary bottle of wine. 

We chose to eat our romantic dinner at the French restaurant, Chez Isabelle. We tried escargot ( texture self could not get past that it was a snail), and had french onion soup, amazing salads, great breads, filet mignon, creme brûlée, and lots of yummy things I can't remember. 

Hello, handsome husband.

There were also outdoor bars, and here we were having our last little drink before heading off to the airport. 

{They had amazing pina coladas} 

This is The Lobster House restaurant, where we went every day for lunch. Their shrimp pasta and Cancun salad...mmm

As I said, there was no shortage of activities! Here are some chefs riding in a kayak across the pools to deliver apertivos. I loved it!

One day, we traveled to Isla Mujeres to an area called Garrafon Natural Reef Park, where we swam with the dolphins. 


The dolphins were much larger in person, and at first I was pretty timid to get in the water...especially because it was windy and the water was choppy. 

But after we got out there and got comfortable with them, it was very exciting. They are really interesting creatures! I did this thing where the trainer told me to swim out about 10-15 feet (which totally freaked me out because I was swimming in open water with 20 dolphins of which I did not know their location), and I had to grab a boogie board and extend my legs. This took me a bit, because it was choppy and the last thing your legs want to do is lock and just float. Finally I got my legs to lock and I felt these two dolphin noses on the balls of my feet. THE DOLPHINS PUSHED ME BACK TO THE DOCK WITH THEIR NOSES. Totally was super cool and super freaky at the same time. 

Loved it. 

We spent the remainder of the afternoon lounging in the beach chairs near the pool with a margarita and watched the dolphins {photo above}, manatees and sea lions {photo below}. So cool. 

The weather was fabulous...until it started to rain. At this point, we took an earlier boat back...and found out that we definitely should not have, as we were stranded in downtown Cancun for 2.5 hours. 

After some begging and pleading, we got a taxi to take us back to our hotel and paid him $13 to start, and I had to stand with the guy while Brandon ran in and got more money. 


More to come!

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