Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween Weekend Wrap-up.

We basically forgot it was Halloween weekend. And when I say "basically forgot," I mean that we half forgot, half didn't really care. 

We ate leftovers and cot cozy on the couch to watch the Rangers lose {badly} to the Cardinals. But that's not important. 

What's important is that I would like to introduce you to my cozy slippers. "Elf shoes," as Brandon calls them. They're Restoration Hardware, and I got them along with an (amazing) throw a few Christmases ago. They might be the ugliest things you've ever seen, but they are the warmest, coziest slippers I have ever owned. And I wear them proudly. 

We've had some chilly nights here recently, so I busted them out for the first time this season. And Brandon gave me grief all evening. 

But them I took them off, because as I said, they're warm. And when the Rangers started to lose, I started to drift off on the couch. 

And when I woke up, look who was sporting the "Elf shoes..."

...and now won't give them back. 

Looks like someone might be getting a pair in his stocking this year.

As I said, we didn't really celebrate Halloween. We both never really did growing up {aside from Trick-or-Treating at family members' homes, decorating for fall and going to the fall festival at church} so it's not a huge holiday for us. 

Sure, I'll put out my "Harvest" signs, burn pumpkin candles, serve every imaginable pumpkin dessert and eat my weight in candy corn, but dressing up in slutty costumes when it's 40 degrees at night is not really our cup of tea. {Was it in college? Sure. But we've passed that stage now.}

Anyway, so Saturday I had to work in Fort Worth and Brandon played golf. When he got home, we decided that we should do one Halloween tradition and carve pumpkins. 

So I lit my afore-mentioned pumpkin candle, set out some candy corn in a candy dish...

...made some wedding cake martinis*...

...and we carved pumpkins to the sound of the "Halloween" station on Pandora. 

Brandon's is the butchered Baylor pumpkin (do you know how hard it is to carve the interlocking BU?!) and mine is a traditional Jack-o-Lantern. 

I made this for supper (so yummy, just added chicken) and we watched Captain America (worst movie ever). 

Today we went to church, came home and ate leftovers while watching our DVR'd Dateline (I swear we're not 80) and I've been doing laundry and playing around on the computer with the sounds of football in the background. 

I love Sundays like this. 

Have a fabulous rest-of-your-weekend!

*Wedding Cake Martini Recipe
1 bottle vanilla vodka
1 large can pineapple juice
1 bottle cherry grenadine
**Note: I don't measure, just pour. Oh well.

Pour about 1/4 cup of vodka into a stemless wine glass. Pour about 1/2 cup of pineapple juice over the vodka, then pour a small amount of cherry grenadine into the glass. Look at it and see how pretty it looks {a la my picture above} and then stir it quickly so it froths a bit and looks pink. Enjoy!


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Movin' on Up!

I just wanted to share with you the great news that my handsome husband was promoted to a brand new, fabulous territory at work today!

He has worked so hard to get where he is, and I am just so proud of him!

Brandon, you deserve this. I love you so much!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Tuesday Randomness

It's Tuesday, and I just can't get it together! Is post-vacation depression real? Because I think I have that. Except I wouldn't want to go back to Mexico right now, what with Hurricane Rena and all.

This post is titled, "Tuesday Randomness." So here you go:

If you are my Facebook friend, you probably saw my status last night: "I have never been this into baseball in my life. #GoRangers."

It's true. I'm a true bandwagoner. Especially because I live in Dallas. So, go Rangers! (And I'm sorry that I fell asleep on the couch last night in the middle of the 5th inning. Please forgive me.)

I love, love, loved seeing George W. at the games! He threw out the first pitch on Sunday night and I swear up and down that it brought the Rangers good luck. :)

{And, does anyone else look at Nolan Ryan and think of the time he beat the crap out of Robin Ventura? Promise that's the only real baseball reference I know. That and how ugly Jeff Bagwell's swing is.}

I am really loving these Christmas cards from Tiny Prints, but I'm pretty sure they're going to cost an arm and a leg, so I'm thinking this is a no-go. Might have to look for something from their StudioBasics line. I'm sure hubs will thank me.

I made these last night, along with mashed potatoes and peas, and I highly recommend them. Husband was loving it, and I love knowing what's going into my chicken fingers.

My next cooking adventures will be this, this, this, and this. Love, love Pinterest!

Happy Tuesday! I'm off to join lots of :)


Monday, October 24, 2011

Billy Madison - Back to school

This morning felt like the first day of October.

I hadn't been to the office since Wednesday, Oct. 12. It's now Monday, Oct. 24. And they totally rearranged the office when I was out, so I'm sitting at a brand new desk in a brand new spot.

Hence the first day of school feeling.

When I was in the shower today, Brandon came in the bathroom to get something and started singing "Back to School" {loudly} from Billy Madison. I was laughing so hard I was almost unable to rinse the shampoo out of my hair.

...and now I've been singing "Back to School" allllllll day.

So, from my brain to yours, enjoy:


Sunday, October 23, 2011

Parte Tres: Home Again, Home Again

We {sadly} left Mexico on Friday evening. We left sunny skies and 65* sad to leave.

But, no matter how sad I am to leave a vacation, I'm always happy to come home. And part of that "happy to come home" feeling meant happy to sleep in my own bed (Tempurpedic pillows, how I missed you), happy to cook suppers and happy to get {somewhat} back into my routine. 

We came home and I immediately started our sandy, beachy laundry; we ate Raising Cane's {I missed chicken}; and then realized that Brandon unplugged the TV and the DVR before we left...meaning I had no shows to watch. None. Will you hate me if I said I pouted and told him that I was very mad at him?

We slept really late on Saturday and I went to the grocery store (ahh, it felt good to get into my routine). That afternoon, we sat on the couch with hummus and crackers and watched our shows on and (Love that.)

And for supper? I made my aunt's Hot Hammies and Hashbrown Casserole for supper. 

Please make this. It was so easy, so yummy and husband loved them. 

We watched the Rangers lose...badly, and then awoke around 3 a.m. to no power from the huge storm that passed through Dallas. We're talking hail, major thunder and lightening, lots of wind, and NO POWER.

If you know me, you know that our house is basically a freezer at night. And the fan is on high. Even in December. But I sleep all cozied up under the covers ("in a cocoon," as Brandon says) and therefore need the freezer action. 

So when there was so A/C and no fan? I was miserable. I was up around 3, 4:30, 6, 7 and finally was lulled back to sleep when the power (and my fan) came back on. Hence us not waking up until 10 a.m. 

We sleepily sipped coffee on the couches and I decided to finish my laundry by ironing. 

I hate ironing. 

But I was tired of looking at wrinkly clothes in our closets. 

So I bit the bullet and ironed in my PJs while Brandon watched football. And then we ate Hot Hammies and Hashbrown Casserole for lunch. Because the recipe makes a lot. 

We're currently cozied up on the couch; Brandon's reading Harry Potter and I'm typing away and wasting entirely too much time of Pinterest. And we're dreading going back to work tomorrow, but I guess it's inevitable. 

Happy Sunday. Hope yours is just as relaxing as ours. 

{Photos via aunt and Pinterest}

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Parte Dos: Los Actividades

One thing we loved about the hotel is that there was never a shortage of activities, even when it was raining. The "menu" of activities changed daily, but some things included: bike riding, water sports, towel-folding classes, DVDs for rent, games at the pool {I may or may not have identified Space Jam in the Hollywood Movie Theme Song Quiz}, dancing classes, the spa {Ridiculously fabulous}, etc. 

One of our favorite pre-dinner actividades was to visit the Martini Bar in the lobby area. Personally, I loved the mudslide martini and sipped a few Kir Royales. It was one of our favorites. 

We also loved the restaurants, which included Basmati (Indian), Barcelona (Mediterranean), Agave (Mexican), Flavor Market (Tapas), Chez Isabelle (French), Spice (Asian/Hibachi), The Lobster House (duh...lobster), and Toscana (Italian). 

This is one of our precious waiters making us Bananas Foster for dessert. Fab-u-lous.

He also made Brandon some Mayan Coffee {which wasn't even on the menu}, and I'm pretty much craving it right now.

We loved exploring the resort grounds. On one of the rainy days, we found a little activity center, which included ping-pong, pool and this oversize chess set. 

Here we are again at the Martini Bar. Love, love, love those counters.

Each night, there were shows in the large theater: a Las Vegas show, a magic show, a circus show, and even a Michael Jackson show. 

This was the circus show, and these guys were amazing. I thought I was doing good with my yoga until I saw them...

Unlike our honeymoon, there was a huge mix of people at the resort. These were our New York friends, who were actually really, really nice. This was the first night of the World Series {before we knew that the Rangers would lose}. We convinced them to do the Rangers "antlers" for a picture. They loved the Yankees, so this made us all laugh. 

If you're at the resort for your honeymoon or anniversary, you get a complimentary "romantic dinner" at the restaurant of your choice, which includes rose petals on the table and a complimentary bottle of wine. 

We chose to eat our romantic dinner at the French restaurant, Chez Isabelle. We tried escargot ( texture self could not get past that it was a snail), and had french onion soup, amazing salads, great breads, filet mignon, creme brûlée, and lots of yummy things I can't remember. 

Hello, handsome husband.

There were also outdoor bars, and here we were having our last little drink before heading off to the airport. 

{They had amazing pina coladas} 

This is The Lobster House restaurant, where we went every day for lunch. Their shrimp pasta and Cancun salad...mmm

As I said, there was no shortage of activities! Here are some chefs riding in a kayak across the pools to deliver apertivos. I loved it!

One day, we traveled to Isla Mujeres to an area called Garrafon Natural Reef Park, where we swam with the dolphins. 


The dolphins were much larger in person, and at first I was pretty timid to get in the water...especially because it was windy and the water was choppy. 

But after we got out there and got comfortable with them, it was very exciting. They are really interesting creatures! I did this thing where the trainer told me to swim out about 10-15 feet (which totally freaked me out because I was swimming in open water with 20 dolphins of which I did not know their location), and I had to grab a boogie board and extend my legs. This took me a bit, because it was choppy and the last thing your legs want to do is lock and just float. Finally I got my legs to lock and I felt these two dolphin noses on the balls of my feet. THE DOLPHINS PUSHED ME BACK TO THE DOCK WITH THEIR NOSES. Totally was super cool and super freaky at the same time. 

Loved it. 

We spent the remainder of the afternoon lounging in the beach chairs near the pool with a margarita and watched the dolphins {photo above}, manatees and sea lions {photo below}. So cool. 

The weather was fabulous...until it started to rain. At this point, we took an earlier boat back...and found out that we definitely should not have, as we were stranded in downtown Cancun for 2.5 hours. 

After some begging and pleading, we got a taxi to take us back to our hotel and paid him $13 to start, and I had to stand with the guy while Brandon ran in and got more money. 


More to come!

Playa Mujeres Parte Uno: The Hotel

We're back! We had an absolutely fabulous time! We took a ton of pictures, so I'm going to save you all some scrolling time and break up our trip into a couple of sections, or "partes."

 (Hello, I just got back from Mexico. You didn't think I wasn't going to drop in a tiny bit of Espanol, did you?!)

We stayed at the Excellence Resort in Playa Mujeres, which is a beach area north of Cancun. We would recommend it to anyone and everyone; it was absolutely gorgeous! And, the resort looked exactly like it did on the website, which I very much appreciated. 

{This is one of the pool areas. We're taking the photo from an over-the-pool restaurant, The Lobster House.}

{The view from our room}

{Another view of our room, looking right}

{View from our room, looking left}

{Front view again}

{And again...}

{My toes weren't in the water, but they were close!}

{This was the Martini Bar. We loved the lit countertops!}

{The beachfront wedding gazebo}

{Beach area}

{Gorgeous lobby}

{We loved the lobby ceiling!}

{One of the pools}

{The huge the Vegas-style show}

{Outside of the theater}

{View from our room}

{Our beautiful room}

More pics to come!

Friday, October 14, 2011


As Zac Brown Band says, "Adios and vaya con Dios..."

We'll be putting our toes in the water, butts in the sand, not a worry in the world, a cold beer in our hands.

And life will be good!


{Photo via Pinterest}

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Fabulous Fall Thursday

It's been a fabulous fall Thursday! I was able to sleep in a bit and have been working from the comfort of my couch, and my company includes my cozy blanket, Gossip Girl, Up All Night and daytime TV.

It's been so nice because I've been able to clean our house {totally didn't realize how dirty it was!}: laundry, dusting everything, Windex-ing all mirrors and windows, vacuuming, cleaning the bathrooms in between e-mails.

And lookie what came in the mail yesterday:

I got a nice little mani/pedi and ran some errands during my lunch hour...

...and have started packing. Lots of packing.

The guest room is my new packing room.

Hope you all are enjoying this fabulous weather!
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