Sunday, September 18, 2011


Sundays always come too fast. 

I'm drinking up this afternoon by sitting in the middle of our bed with the fan on, the TV blaring the sounds of Sunday afternoon football, and switching between "pinning" on Pinterest and blogging. I have a love/hate relationship with Sunday. 

Our weekend was restful and relaxing...just what we both needed. 

Friday evening consisted of this, which was amazing...
{The leftovers are already gone.} 

...watching this via OnDemand...
{Which was surprisingly cute.}

...and enjoying a couple of glasses of this

Brandon golfed on Saturday morning, and I slept until 10 a.m. 

I finally got my diploma framed, and Brandon hung them in our "desk area": 

And I updated the top of our dresser a bit in our bedroom: 

We listened to Baylor beat the mess out of SFA on Saturday night...
{48-0, game called because of lightning. Hello, #17 in AP poll.} 

...and watched "The Conspirator" over leftovers during the two lightning delays. 
{Again, fabulous.}

Hubs made cinnamon rolls this morning. He's the breakfast maker in this family. 

I tried to make cinnamon rolls last week and forgot they were in the oven. They looked {and tasted} like hockey pucks. 

I don't do well with breakfast foods. 

We went to church this morning, and we went shopping for my Mom's birthday afterwards. 
{Hi, Mom.} 

I made this for Sunday lunch and I think Brandon liked it. A lot. Like two helpings a lot. 

That makes me happy. 

...and before I crawled into bed to write this, I put him to work fixing the clock I broke. 
I love him with a drill. 

Happy Sunday. 

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