Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Sleep Talkin'

I told y'all that my blogging would totally suck until mid-October, and I was right.

It's been another crazy day, and I am literally standing up at the kitchen counter writing this to you, because I had my computer open for a recipe, and am too lazy to move. 

Brandon does not talk in his sleep. {Me on the other hand? Chatty Cathy in real life = Chatty Cathy in my sleep.}

Anyway, we had just gone to bed and I had just fallen asleep...

...when I hear kissing noises. Like literal kissing noises. I flung my eyes open, and there is Brandon, making kissing noises in his sleep. The following is so hilarious that I had to share:

Me: "Brandon! Babe! What are you doing?!"
Brandon: [More kissing noises]
Me: "Brandon! Are you awake??"
Brandon: "Have I had one job in my career or three?"
Me: "Huh? What?"
Brandon: [Obviously getting irritated with me in his sleep] "Have I had one job in my career or three?"
Me: "Um, you've had two jobs in your career. Wake up! Babe, you're talking in your sleep."
Brandon: "HUH!? WHAT?! [Grrrrrr noise] Why did you wake me up?! Don't DO that!" 

I seriously had to hold in my laughter at midnight-ish last night. 

So, have you had one job in your career, or three?

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