Monday, September 12, 2011

Recent Pinterest Meal Obsessions.

Pinterest is quickly becoming my go-to site for weeknight meal preparation. Things on there are so easy to make, and it's fun to deviate from my usual Cooking Light or spiral notebook of family favorite recipes.

And as Brandon said to me the other night? "Keep finding recipes on Pinterest!"

Here are a few of the recent "hits" in our house:

{Which I served with steaks and asparagus on a Friday night.}

{Wasn't the easiest thing to make, so I served this as a main dish with rolls on the side.}

{I use mushroom ravoli and of course, more white wine than it calls for. A good "Meatless Monday" meal.}

{I added in a bit more marsala wine and heavy cream that the recipe didn't call for. Brandon's favorite so far.}

{I made these vegetarian, because I was not in the mood to boil and shred chicken. They were so yummy and so easy. Great for leftovers, too, which there were a lot of.}

{We ate these last night with black beans and they were delish. Brandon is very picky about "creamy" enchilada sauce, and these proved to be perfect for his palate. Will make again!}

{Had to use all of that summer squash! Served this with pork tenderloin and baked potatoes.}

{I basically used this recipe as "inspiration" and made it on Saturday for a late lunch. I bought a package of Parmesan Risotto and cooked it according to package directions (save for adding chicken broth as opposed to water) and then sauteed some mushrooms in truffle oil on the side, which I then added to the mixture. Topped it with a sprinkle of Parmesan cheese and done! I had this for leftovers at lunch today and it was just as good as the first day!}

{This was so easy it made me wonder why I paid all that money for the tomato-basil soup at my grocer's bakery. So cheap, so easy and so good. And lots of leftovers, too! Just added in a bit more heavy cream than the recipe calls for.}

What's on this week's menu? In no particular order:

{All photos via Pinterest}

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