Monday, September 5, 2011

Long weekend.

Oh, what a gorgeous, much-needed weekend. You know, it's funny when a week is just so terrible and the weekend brings so much joy that you just seem to forget your trials and tribulations of the previous week. 

I think that's what weekends were made for.  Especially long weekends.

I started out Friday by working a half-day from home, and then kicked off the afternoon with a much-needed pedicure. I said goodbye to the bright pinks and corals of summer and said hello to the reds of fall. 

Brandon got off early, so we enjoyed a very happy hour on the patio of Ozona...followed by supper there, too. 

And did anyone see the amazing victory that my Baylor Bears snagged on Friday night?! I might have a small crush on Robert Griffin, III (aka: RG3). 

Saturday brought with it a visit to Dallas World Aquarium, which was a first for both of us, after nearly three and a half years in Dallas. 

We saw penguins, storks, alligators, otters...

...flamingos, a leopard, toucans, snakes, iguanas, fish...

...sharks {lots of sharks}, huge catfish, starfish, seahorses, jellyfish and a ton of birds...

...which clearly loved Brandon, because they left him a little "surprise."

And we celebrated the fun day with a yummy supper: steaks, corn casserole, Parmesan garlic bread and vino; and watched "The American." {Terrible, by the way.} 

Saturday night brought with it a very sleepless night, and I fought it hard...very hard. The couch and I became exceptionally good friends Saturday night and into Sunday morning after I spent about three hours tossing and turning in our bed. I may or may not have played around on Pinterest from about 4-5:30 a.m. on Sunday before crashing on our very uncomfortable couch around 8:30 a.m. 

Brandon made me go back to sleep when he woke our bed, not on the couch!...which I did until about noon. I felt bad that we missed church, but I needed the sleep. 

While Brandon played golf Sunday afternoon, I hit up the Loft Labor Day sale and made my very first batch of  homemade tomato-basil soup

We woke up in Dallas to a major taste of fall this morning. See that 73 degrees at 10:25 a.m.? That's usually around 97 degrees at the same time. It was perfect. 

I made some of my Grammy's monkey bread (and cinnamon coffee) to celebrate the coming of fall. We ate it with the windows open, a cool breeze floating through our apartment. 

Hello, fall. 

We finally got dressed and went to see "The Debt" {amazing!} at The Magnolia Theatre. A great movie topped off with a Mambo Taxi = a perfect Labor Day.  

Our windows are currently open {again} and we're jamming (for free) to the sounds of our apartment's Labor Day by the Pool Party and doing our last big grill-out of the season: grilled chicken, squash casserole and garlic bread. 

Happy Labor Day. I hope you spent it not Laboring! 

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  1. sounds like a perfect weekend! and monkey bread? now I'm craving it. I'll have to make some for Maggie and myself this week!


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